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Synonyms for stereoscopy

three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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The 3D module once installed during manufacturing, allows the display of 3D content without the use of 3D glasses.
The Newcastle University team has developed 3D glasses suitable for insects which means they can show the insects any images they want, opening up new avenues of research.
Dr Vivek Nityananda, sensory biologist at Newcastle University and part of the research team, said: "When this system failed we looked at the old-style 3D glasses with red and blue lenses.
3) Winner's Prize: 1x Philips 42 Inch Ambilight 3D Smart WiFi Built In Full HD 1080p LED TV, 1x Panasonic 3D Smart Blu-ray and DVD Player, 1x House of Magic on Blu-ray and 4x 3D glasses.
3) Winner's prize: 1x Philips 42-Inch Ambilight 3D Smart WiFi Built In Full HD 1080p LED TV, 1x Panasonic 3D Smart Blu-ray and DVD Player, 1x House of Magic on Blu-ray, 4x 3D glasses.
The detailed illustrations are pretty muddy and lacklustre without the 3D glasses, of course, but put them on and the effect is simply stunning - I defy anyone not to reach out to the page when they look at it because the depth is breathtaking.
The DOMO nHance CM610P 3D glasses are biker styled designed with splendid looks.
Compatible with standard polarized 3D glasses and future proof to the rapidly evolving 3D market.
Up till now there is only one device that has given us an accurate picture of depth perception without the use of 3D glasses and that is the Nintendo 3DS.
3D screams into cinemas on Friday and to celebrate the return of everyone's favourite characters, Sully and Mike, we have three fantastic 3D posters to give away, plus a free set of 3D glasses.
BenQ Passive 3D glasses allow for a wider viewing angle providing better depth and enhanced picture quality.
Free 46-inch TV plus six 3D glasses worth Dh3,498 with purchase of 46-inch Samsung Smart TV for Dh8,999.
Oakley sold Disney-authorized TRON limited-edition 3D glasses using the licensee's proprietary HDO-3D technology, meant for use in movie theaters.
Introducing the 3D TV with specially designed polarised, passive 3D glasses, Vinverth ensures a flicker free picture and an amazing viewing experience.
uk As the world's first 3D THX Award Winning Plasma 3D TV, this takes your audio and visual television experience to a new level so you can pop on your 3D glasses and enjoy a new dimension of cinema.