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a site on the internet where a number of users can communicate in real time (typically one dedicated to a particular topic)

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However, most 3D chat systems such as Second Life and IMVU have not considered the relationship between agents since they mainly use 2D-stylized word balloons of the same size and manage chat dialogues regardless of all 3D spatial information.
COM's Webstore, the site offers product and hardware sales, and in the future will sell content, 3D gaming and 3D chat capabilities.
This activity preceded our successful Hanson Concert and 3D chat on May 6.
com 3D chat in support of their new album, "This Time Around.
Software platforms will provide a new kind of travel; into cyberspace; into 3D worlds where one can fly over mountains and experience intense sensory stimulation or, for more adventure, fly a WWII fighter, drive a high performance race car, or lay back and enjoy a 3D chat encounter with other visitors from across the world.
I'm sure the arrival of 3D Chat will have everyone hooked - not only can you adopt a new virtual personality but you can meet like-minded individuals in various environments within the virtual world.
com), whose shareholders include Compaq Computers, Pearson PLC, and Visa International, among others, a pioneer in the development of 3D Internet technology and content, today announced the introduction of the next generation Internet experience, 'Worlds Ultimate 3D Chat Plus.