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Synonyms for 3D

a movie with images having three dimensional form or appearance

having a three-dimensional form or appearance


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It takes less time in production as compared to 3D animation services.
The Registrar Sukkur IBA University Engineer Zahid Hussain Khan in his address said the diploma in 3D animation is a skill, which can provide jobs in the market.
As the Middle East has been undergoing major changes in the past few years, two new media methods have emerged; the use of documentaries, and the use of 3D animations.
The 3D animation industry is worth billions of dollars all over the world, and it is growing immensely in Pakistan as well.
In Mexico, the new Chapala Media Park offers courses in 3D animation as well as videogames, special effects and mobile content.
Therefore, the combination of 3D and 2D is an emerging trend that is expected to boost the growth of the Global 3D Animation Software market.
In case of 3D animation, one can create realistic objects by using software to create objects that appear real and solid.
Discreet introduces key new features in 3ds max 5 software that will advance the realism, character animation and productivity requirements necessary for animators to create lifelike 3D animations.
Bringing a blend of studio and classroom experience to offer you thorough coverage of the 3D animation industry, this must-have book shows you what it takes to create compelling and realistic 3D imagery.
TechNavio Announces the Publication of its Report on the Global 3D Animation Software Market 2010-2014
Introducing 3ds Max 2011 takes a typically difficult subject and breaks into easily digestible pieces so you can confidently begin working with this 3D animation software today.
subsidiary has released SOFTIMAGE([R])|XSI([R]) 6, the latest version of its flagship 3D animation and character creation software.
subsidiary has unveiled SOFTIMAGE|([R])XSI([R]) 6, the latest version of its flagship 3D animation and character creation software.
the pioneer in hardware-accelerated physics for games, and RAD Game Tools, a leading game development technology company, today announced at the Austin Games Conference that the popular Granny 3D Animation System has been integrated with AGEIA PhysX(TM) physics acceleration technology.