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a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

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Asking rents at 386 Park Avenue South, which contains 260,000 square feet of prime office space, are in the $57 to $72 range.
First of all, the Model 386, unlike that old Model: 10, is a seven - rather than a six-shooter.
As part of its extensive capital improvement plan, 386 Park Avenue South will also boast brand new elevator cabs and LEED certification.
New leases signed at 386 Park Avenue South include Cuatro Media taking 2,247 s/f and Bayberry Capital leasing 1,869 s/f, both occupying portions of the 19th floor.
390 Park Avenue South--an eight-story property adjacent to 386 PAS whose sale three years ago to developers, Roy and Albert Kalimian, was also brokered by Ezratty--will be razed to make way for a 400K-s/f condo tower.
In a statement describing The Links Tour format, Vice President Scott Brown said, "The realism of the Links 386 Pro game, plus its large customer base (more than 150,000 sold), make it the ideal platform for a competitive golf program like The Links Tour.
Enterprise Oil (NYSE:ETP) will be named as the operator for Garden Banks Blocks 385 and 386, with full operational responsibility for the Llano Field located in the deep water Gulf of Mexico.
Marcus De Ville, Head of Media Relations T +44 (0) 1256 386 226
Contact Mel Chivers on (0191) 386 1652 or Mike Browbank on (0191) 386 6443.
Bratton said his strategy of moving officers from low-crime to high- crime areas identified by the CompStat tracking system has helped bring down the number of homicides from 510 last year citywide to 386 this year, but that could be a factor in the wave of violence in Devonshire.
A 386 computer or higher is recommended because the server needs at least as much random-access memory and speed as a 386 can provide to manage the traffic from the networked PCs.
The Peterbilt Model 386 Hybrid is the first of its kind and will be an addition to Wal-Mart's fleet of over 230 Peterbilts they currently have in service.
Clark Finney of Cushman & Wakefield, will move its corporate offices from 532 Broadway to 386 Park Avenue South.