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a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

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386 is a two piece design in that the outside is not a barrel but actually a scandium/aluminum alloy shroud.
With a half-dozen media and tech tenants now making their offices at 386 Park Avenue South, our building is becoming widely known as a hub for creative, new media and tech tenants in the neighborhood," stated Macklowe.
Based in part on these results, the company is initiating the TRINOVA-1 study, a Phase III randomised, double blind trial evaluating AMG 386 administered in combination with weekly paclitaxel as treatment for ovarian, primary peritoneal, and fallopian tube cancers.
The 386 Hybrid truck is part of a comprehensive commitment by Wal-Mart called "Sustainability 360" which promotes innovations to increase environmental conscientiousness throughout their organization, including vendors and customers.
As part of a major capital improvement plan, 386 Park Avenue South is undergoing an upgrade of its streetscape and front entrance, a full renovation of its lobby, and will also have new elevators and cabs, as well as LEED certification.
Bratton said his strategy of moving officers from low-crime to high- crime areas identified by the CompStat tracking system has helped bring down the number of homicides from 510 last year citywide to 386 this year, but that could be a factor in the wave of violence in Devonshire.
Thus, a copy of STAR licensed for use with a 386 system will now also operate on a 486 processor if the user decides to upgrade the CPU.
The redevelopment and retenanting of the 20-story office building at 386 Park Avenue South, a property acquired late last year by a partnership headed by the William Macklowe Company, is off to a strong start.
Clark Finney of Cushman & Wakefield, will move its corporate offices from 532 Broadway to 386 Park Avenue South.
Seven of the Detwiler computers are 386 models and 22 are the older 286 models.
Savanna and Monday Properties announced three new office leases totaling approximately 18,100 s/f at 386 Park Avenue South 1 26-story, 260,000 s/f office building located in Manhattan's Midtown South district.
Savanna and Monday Properties have launched a $30 million capital improvement plan alongside a new marketing and leasing program for 386 Park Avenue South.
Discontinued products identified in the notice include the 8051, 251, 8096/196, 188/186, i960, all versions of the 386 (including the 386EX) and 486.
Monday Properties announced the following renewals at 386 Park Avenue South:
Monday Properties, the New York-based real estate development, ownership and management company, has completed seven lease transactions, totaling 26,050 s/f, at the 260,000 s/f 386 Park Avenue South.