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a year that is not a leap year


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P Elango, managing director for HOEC, said: "I am delighted that the Hollong Modular Gas Processing Plant, built by Expro in record time, has achieved the remarkable milestone of 365 days of LTI free operations."
- Reward for 333 days out of 365 days: Winner of the lucky draw activity will get a Hyundai Grand i10 ERA, the rest of the entries will win a guaranteed annual gym membership.
"When creating Design Your Business in 365 Days, our aim was to create a tool built on knowledge, that would increase productivity, and encourage goal-setting and accomplishment.
After 365 days, according to the VA, any data in an incomplete claim becomes inaccessible, and the initiated claim date is removed from the system.
It is not that it is impractical." "I assure a day will come when we will have some system where courts will work 365 days. During my visit abroad, I found that people connected to the judiciary were surprised that India, with a population of 125 crore, had only 19,000 judges and a pendency of 3.3 crore cases." Denying reports that he did not consult his colleagues in the Supreme Court before pushing for a public debate on keeping courts open the year round, Lodha said, "This is wrong.
NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Manager works CSC Khanewal Sami Ullah Khan is on leave for 730 days, DEN Karachi Farrukh Temur Khan for 730 days, divisional engineer Rawalpindi Ehtesham Saifullah for 365 days, XEN signal M Ehsan Khan Yasir for 365 days, director M&S Yahya Jan for 730 days, divisional mechanical engineer Abdul Haseeb Bukhari for one year, staff officer GM M&S Abdul Malik for 730 days and divisional mechanical engineer Rawalpindi Iftekhar Hussain is on leave for 730 days from March 2012.
MANAMA: APM Terminals Bahrain, the company that manages Bahrain's biggest port, yesterday completed 365 days and two million man hours without a lost time accident (LTI).
Fever at delivery was significantly more common in mothers of infants with stroke prior to 365 days (4.9% vs.
Customers now get Vodafone credit between 60 and 365 days. "Customers will be able to travel for extended periods without having to worry about having their credit expiry," Vodafone said.
The unsecured bills will be due in 365 days and will be sold at face value in a transaction scheduled for 5 June.
24 hours / 365 days roadside assistance This programme will provide emergency roadside assistance 24 hours a day, for 365 days from the date of purchase of vehicle.
Data covers rides in today's country and under today's code in the last 365 days. So for jockey riding in Ireland, data refers to Irish record.
Adam's Fall: Traumatic Brain Injury, the First 365 Days