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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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3GB HDD, 32X CD-ROM drive and 56Kbps fax modem, for 990,000 won ($825) while Daewoo Telecom has dropped its price even lower on a similar model which was selling for 2.
It also supports 32x CD-ROM speed for enhanced backward compatibility.
The base model features two 50-disc removable magazines, two 32x CD-ROM drives, and a SCSI-2 interface along with a 10-key front display panel; and it supports up to four drives.
In the desktop category, however, the DVD-ROM version typically adds less than $100 to the price when you choose a DVD-ROM drive instead of a 24x or 32x CD-ROM drive.
4GB hard drive, a 32X CD-ROM drive and a 56Kbps-capable modem.
The Addonics Mobile DVD/CDRW features 12x CD-R write,10x CD-RW rewrite, 32x CD-ROM read , and 8x DVD-ROM playback speeds.
If you must brag with 5x DVD-ROM and 32x CD-ROM read speed, then go for the Encore 5x/32x model available for barely over $200 at FirstSource (http://www.
1 GB ultrawide SCSI II hard drive, custom keyboard and mouse, 32x CD-ROM drive, numerous customizable effects and transitions and a titling package.