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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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The new systems will ship standard with 1MB secondary cache, 128MB RAM, 9GB hard disk, 32X CD-ROM drive, 17-inch monitor, keyboard and mouse.
Mate NX-R Series models feature a 333-MHz AMD-K6-2 processor, 64MB RAM, 4.3 GB hard disk drive, 32X CD-ROM and the Microsoft Windows 98 operating system installed.
The new Aptiva models feature AMD and Intel processors, 32X CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives, hard drives ranging up to 12Gb, 8Mb video memory and 100MHz front side bus performance.
Among the D1N's features: 32MB of SDRAM, 3.2GB hard drive, 56k modem, 32x CD-ROM, and two USB ports.
Suggested retail pricing for a Meridian TNT Server 2000 in a tower configuration consisting of 14 32X CD-ROM drives, 10/100 Ethernet, 128MB of RAM and 9.1GB system hard disk drive is $11,986.
Last month TriGem shipped 50,000 units of its 400Mhz Celeron model, Dreamsys EZ 6400S, which comes with 32MB memory, 4.3GB HDD, 32X CD-ROM drive and 56Kbps fax modem, for 990,000 won ($825) while Daewoo Telecom has dropped its price even lower on a similar model which was selling for 2.5m won ($2,080).