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The strike, dip and rake of the causative fault of the June 26 earthquake are respectively 243o, 39o and 92o and that of July 12, earthquake are 237o, of 32o, and 111o.
Although established since the 1960s, APIIB has only 32O members today, which is barely 1/10th of the total workforce of 5254 nurses nationally.
Temperatura de operacion: 0o to 60o C / 32o to 1400o F.
Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 32o pages, $25 (cloth), $14 (paper)
Socar has said that each of these formations can produce 400-600 b/d of 32o API oil, and that the field's remaining recoverable reserves were 7.
Sincor reached its planned capacity of 200,000 b/d in early 2002 to turn at the upgrader into 180,000 b/d of 32o API low sulphur crude called Zuata Sweet.
The refinery processes Ahwaz-Asmari crude oil, 32o API.
CUADRO 2 CALCULO DE VALORES DE LAS MERCANCIAS SEGUN DATOS DEL CUADRO 1 UNIDADES UNIDADES DE INSUMOS DE PRODUCTO Industria del hierro (h): Hierro (h) + Trabajo (w) = Hierro (h) 28h + 56w = 56h 56w = 56h - 28h 56w = 28h w = 0,5h Industria del oro (o): Hierro (h) + Trabajo (w) = Oro (o) 16h + 16w = 48o 16h + 16 (0,5h) = 48o 16h + 8h = 48o 24h = 48o h = 2o Industria del trigo (t): Hierro (h) + Trabajo (w) = Trigo (t) 12h + 8(0,5h) = 8t 12h + 4h = 8t 16h = 8t 16(2o) = 8t 32o = 8t 4o = t Fuente: Elaboracion del autor.
While reducing the Postal Service's overall request by $745 million, the commission approved an increase in first class mail from 32o to 33o.
This region having latitude 32o 10' to 34o 9' N and longitude 71o 10' to 73o 55' E.