thirty-second note

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a musical note having the time value of a thirty-second of a whole note

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"I'm able to play 32nd notes and keep up with the metal and bluegrass players if I have to," says Rubin, who massages it into his hands and joints before playing.
Then suddenly, in the last movement, you are assaulted by a soaring, flitting, dying thing: a passage of 32nd notes that rises dramatically and quickly falls.
Rhythmic concepts include 32nd notes, triplets and dotted rhythms.
This quintet is about fourteen minutes in duration and consists of two movements: a Moderato that includes some 32nd notes (predominantly in the top voices, with none in the horn part) and an Allegretto-Andantino, also with 32nd notes.
Sixteenth notes and 32nd notes abound in many of the pieces.