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the last day of the year

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Starlabs has stated that it will be quarantining all e-mail passing through its network for 24 hours from midnight on 31 December 1999.
Offer only valid at participating restaurants in the UK (but not in takeaways) from 1 January1999 to 31 December 1999.
When it is 1 January 2000 in New Zealand (west of the meridian) it will still be 31 December 1999 in Hawaii (east of the meridian).
It is concerned about the billions of dollars "going up in smoke on 31 December 1999".
But, that prediction might go flying out the window at midnight on 31 December 1999. Many prophets of doom predict that computers all over the world will start going berserk.
If the expiry date falls after 31 December 1999, it may be impossible to book new stock into the warehouse if the stock control system keeps a track of sell by date, as any date from 1 January 2000 may be confused with 1 January 1900 and therefore already out of date.
It follows that when the clocks strike midnight on 31 December 1999, every Nigerian citizen can relax in the knowledge that they will have a house within the next 365 days.
It tells the tale of British spy, Andrew Osnard, who arrives to keep a watchful eye on the political manoeuvrings leading to the United States's handover of the Panama Canal on 31 December 1999.
The old radar system was shut down on 31 December 1999 and training for the new equipment is expected to be complete in two weeks according to The Nation.
Italian-based mobile telecomms company Omnitel reports that as of 31 December 1999 it had 10.4m customers, up 68% compared to one year earlier.
The letter, also received by some black and Asian MPs calls for all non-whites and Jews to leave the country by 31 December 1999 or face "extermination".
For example, products that have a long shelf life, with an expiry date after 31 December 1999, may be rejected as out of date stock by non-compliant computers reading the year 2000 as 1900.
Most of the plans provided for under the new Objective 1 reached the Commission before 31 December 1999 and the talks with the national authorities were able to get underway soon after (some Objective 1 programmes were adopted in the first quarter of 2000).
So far an exact figure and date have not been set for the redundancies, but it is rumoured that the Ministry of Finance had wanted the majority of staff cut by 31 December 1999. The Ugandan Privatisation minister apparently met with airline management last week to discuss a proposal to lay off 59% of the carrier`s employees, with about 100 retained until March when South African Airlines (SAA) expected to assume management.
MetaCreations Corp has decided to close all of its European offices as of 31 December 1999.