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For the 12 months to 31 September 2016, Advance Environmental reported revenue of GBP 2.5m, EBITDA of GBP 0.5m and net assets of GBP 1m.
Founded in 1969, it operates in over 70 office locations in 28 countries, employs about 14,000 people and has assets under management of over USD370bn, as of 31 September 2015.
The company booked a 15% rise in net sales to USD3.08bn in the fourth quarter of its fiscal year ended 31 September 2011.
Datacolor's results in the second half of the current year ending on 31 September are expected to be on par with the first-half figures, the company said in its outlook at the start of May.
Government securities by initial maturity issued between 1 january - 31 September 2009 (chart)