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channel into a new direction


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As mentioned above, it can be a good practice to own domains similar to your main one and implement a 301 redirect in case your consumers accidently type in the wrong one.
One of those enhancements was 301 redirects. In the event a user clicks on an improper or outdated link, a 301 redirect will automatically send the user to the proper page.
This includes the possibility to create hundreds of customizable themes, compelling website titles, social media code for analytics, header code for Webmaster tools, 301 redirects and favicons.
Compendium added that the new software offers other new features such as an Author Leaderboard that encourages employee blogging participation; an advanced content category feature-set that provides unparalleled content control; and built-in 301 redirects.
Additionally, Rapid Site benefits from iAPPS Content Manager's industry leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features like auto 301 redirects, auto-generated XML sitemaps, metadata management and SEO friendly URL strings.