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being one hundred more than two hundred

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The festival celebrates Lucia, an ordinary girl from Sicily who died for her Christian faith, and was made a saint in 300 AD.
He was persecuted for being a Christian by the emperor Diocletian and was finally martyred for his faith in Palestine around 300 AD.
The sarcophagus had been undisturbed since around 300 AD
He took his metal detector to a field and unearthed nearly 4,000 Roman coins dating back to 300 AD.
The Mayan civilization, based in modern day Mexico and Central America, reached its height from 300 AD to 900 AD and had a talent for astronomy
Although there is evidence of occupation in the Ed-Dur area from the early Bronze Age, around 3,000 BC, until the Late Islamic period, it is primarily important as the site of a town that flourished from around 200 BC to C 300 AD.
The Gospel of Judas, which dates from around 300 AD and was discovered in Egypt in 1970, may shed new light on the relationship between Christ and the apostle reviled for so long.
Based on new archaeological evidence, Sheehan examines the continuous occupation of the site of modern Cairo since the sixth century BC, including the massive stone walls of the canal linking the Nile to the Red Sea, the harbor constructed by Trajan at the canal's entrance around 110 AD, and the fortress of Babylon built by in 300 AD.
The logical extension of that argument would result in all followers of Christ prior to 300 AD being classified as non-Christians
Panasonic has purchased the ad space for the month and placed more than 300 ads from the Toughbook(R) "Legally" campaign, including banners, wallscapes, pillar wraps and floor graphics and stair risers.
2 percent), and Oklahoma City, with 16,500, gained 300 ads compared to last year.
Since the site launched in 2007, nearly 300 ads have been posted, but not all of them have received negative ratings.
North Dakota, the only state to post an increase this month, inched up 300 ads from last month.
Using an e-mail survey of practicing physicians, doctors were asked to rate over 300 ads representing the most widely advertised products in 2004.