Thirty Years' War

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a series of conflicts (1618-1648) between Protestants and Catholics starting in Germany and spreading until France and Denmark and Sweden were opposing the Holy Roman Empire and Spain

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DURING the 30 years war with the IRA, the left wingers never stopped screaming, Troops Out!.
Eric Flint and Virginia DeMarce's 1634: THE BAVARIAN CRISIS (1416542531, $26.00) tells of a 30 years war which continues to ravage 17th century Europe, and of transplants from the 20th century's West Virginia who, led by Mike Stearns, participate in a battle which can be won by 20th century technology--if modern materials can be found to build the inventions to rescue their forces.
Brian Todd Carey's WARFARE IN THE MEDIEVAL WORLD (1844153398, $39.99) explores how civilizations and cultures made war in the period between the fall of Rome and the start of the 30 years war. This was a period when warfare became sophisticated, with strategies including shock and missile tactics and involving approaches still used today.
30 YEARS WAR is the soundtrack of a bloody grinding train wreck.
Why does 30 Years War go through so many bass players?
Do you either have to be from Sonora or go to UCSC to be a bass player in 30 Years War?
It was for some reason particularly associated with Prague where rioters made a habit of it There was one in 1419 at the Town Hall where a mob, demanding the release of prisoners, threw councillors out, and a more famous one - known as The Defenestration of Prague - in 1618 which heralded the 30 Years War when a gang of Protestant nobles threw two Catholic governors our of the window of the Royal Palace (they survived by landing on a dung heap).
The 30 Years War resulted in the Peace of Westphalia (1648) which conceptualized state sovereignty and separation of church and state.
First, the Cold War was not a hot war between great powers as the 30 Years War, Napoleonic Wars, and World War I & II were.
"People got sick of the 30 Years War too," Stall notes.
"It is difficult to understand and accept a suggestion that someone who participated in the 30 Years War and tried to reintroduce Catholicism into evangelical villages should be treated as a paragon of ecumenism," they said.
After all, the play features a canteen woman serving with the Swedish Army during the tough times of the 30 Years War in 17th Century Europe.
"That made the Tyson-Francis fight look like the 30 Years War," Jimmy howled gleefully.
That made the Tyson-Francis fight look like the 30 Years War. One punch and Maxie hits the deck like a sack of spuds...
He pointed out that the present world order is based on the 1648 Westphalia treaty that ended Europe's 30 years wars, reining in ambitions and adventures of competing monarchies then for influence across the continent.