Judas Iscariot

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(New Testament) the Apostle who betrayed Jesus to his enemies for 30 pieces of silver


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Two decisions came about as a result: first, to enact a 10,000 shekel ($2,500) yearly tax on tunnel profits, and second, to increase fees to at least 30 shekels ($9) for all transactions.
Before the war a kilogramme of chicken cost 30 shekels (Dh26) in Gaza, but now costs 48 shekels.
It is ironic indeed for the Bancroft family to have to pay 30 shekels of silver to their investment bankers, and 30 shekels of gold to their corporate lawyers, for scaring some of them into betraying their 105-year family loyalty to Dow Jones independence.
In one of the early scenes of the film, Caiaphas, the High Priest, and the Sanhedrin are shown negotiating with Judas for the 30 shekels of silver.