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regulation establishing the top speed permitted on a given road

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Now, if it's within posted hours or lights are flashing or the posted speed limit away from the zone is 30 mph or less, there's no room for doubt.
A claimant may state that his vehicle was traveling at 30 mph prior to impact when on-board data clearly shows that the vehicle was traveling at 62 mph.
British engineers recently unveiled the Aquada, a sports car that hugs the road at up to 100 miles per hour, then retracts (pulls in) its wheels in seconds to skim across water at 30 mph.
The latest figures show that the proportion of car drivers exceeding the 30 mph limit last year was 59%, compared to 65% in 2001.
The incidence of ventricular fibrillation was 7% with baseballs striking at 25 mph and 27% at 30 mph.
In most parts of the densely populated suburbs of Cardiff people cross the road allowing for cars approaching them at 30 mph.
It also has the capability to fly on station in a programmed or manual mode for up to an hour, traveling at speeds up to 30 MPH with a camera footprint of 300 x 300 depending on day or night view.
21, the speed limit will be lowered from 40 mph to 30 mph on Highway 155 that passes the Grand Coulee Industrial Area facilities.
It makes me wonder if at some point the speed cameras in this area suffered a malfunction, recording drivers as travelling above 30 mph when in fact they weren't.
5 seconds and accelerated linearly to 30 mph in just 5.
Keeping to the 30 mph limit I pointed out as we got nearer the spot where that tragic accident occurred.
Lane closures and a temporary speed limit of 30 mph over the bridge and on all approaches will be in force at all times, and temporary traffic management arrangements will change the road layout.
In November I wrote a column about Mike Galante, who was ticketed for going 50 in a 30 mph zone on East Mountain Street.
If a pedestrian or cyclist is hit by a car travelling 30 mph the chance of survival is 45%, whereas at 40mph the survival rate is only 5%.
He was adamant that he was only going between 25 mph and 29 mph in the 30 mph zone and contested the reading.