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regulation establishing the top speed permitted on a given road

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7 percent for those lane-splitting in traffic flowing at 30 mph or less but exceeding the traffic speed by more than 10 mph, 9 percent for those lane-splitting in traffic flowing faster than 30 mph but exceeding traffic speed by less than 10 mph, and 20.
RAY: Once you get past 30 mph, there's a lot more fuel and more pressure going through the injectors, and that's what makes the spray pattern correct itself.
The effect of the Order, which will have a maximum duration of 6 months, will be to temporarily impose a 30 mph speed limit along the length of the trunk road that extends for a distance of 750 metres either side of the junction with Ffordd Bronwydd at Treborth.
Local residents have said they would be prepared to monitor the speed of traffic through Brancepeth if and when a 30 mph limit is in place.
In Jackers Road, Norton ignored a 30 mph limit and continued at up to 60 mph, coming dangerously close to people crossing the road.
Dingwall drove into Auchinleck, Ayrshire, at around 80 mph and then braked violently when he reached the 30 mph sign.
The Osmose City Car, designed by Claude Yviquel, is a two-seat "city car" limited to 30 mph.
First: School zones on roads with posted speed limits of 30 mph or less are now 20 mph all the time.
Gently rolling out of the throttle while still accelerating can delay the point at which the gas engine comes online to just over 30 mph.
An example might be that if the speed limit is 60 mph and 70% of the traffic obeys this law, you don't lower the speed limit to 30 mph to compensate for the 30% who don't obey.
Now two 30 mph signs have been erected alongside each of the two entrances to the estate -a distance of just fourtenths of a mile.
He added: ''They are driving at 70 or 80 mph in areas with 30 mph limits.
British engineers recently unveiled the Aquada, a sports car that hugs the road at up to 100 miles per hour, then retracts (pulls in) its wheels in seconds to skim across water at 30 mph.
The latest figures show that the proportion of car drivers exceeding the 30 mph limit last year was 59%, compared to 65% in 2001.
In most parts of the densely populated suburbs of Cardiff people cross the road allowing for cars approaching them at 30 mph.