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regulation establishing the top speed permitted on a given road

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After 18 S-curve crashes in 2015, including a fatality, police said the speed limit was reduced from 40 to 30 mph in December of that year.
If an ISA-equipped car is driven from a 40 mph to a 30 mph or 20 mph zone, it is automatically and gradually slowed down.
Also, if loss of concentration is a factor, then it is better that drivers lose it at 20 mph than at 30 mph, as a pedestrian hit at 20 mph has a 95 per cent chance of survival and the transition from minor to major injuries occurs at 20 mph.
According to the automaker, United States law requires all passenger cars to pass a frontal crash test at 30 mph (48 km/h) and side test at 33.5 mph (54 km/h), but the NHTSA tests are conducted at 5 mph (8 km/h) higher than the required test speeds.
"The officers switched on their flashing lights but Mr Norton sped up and turned right into Windmill Road where he reached speeds of 75 mph in a 30 mph limit.
The 26-year-old midfielder was driving into the city centre on March 30 when he was caught at 41 mph in a 30 mph zone.
In our region, the wind speed averages 11 to 12 miles per hour, but the windmills are most efficient where winds are 30 mph. Unfortunately, many regions with good wind speeds don't have the infrastructure to transport electricity, and the wind-factory people don't want to cut their profits to build them.
He told the jury he was travelling at 48 mph in the 30 mph before he started to skid.
The TAC II will remain steadfast in winds up to 30 mph, yet breaks down into a 60X8.5X6.5-inch package that weighs 26 pounds.
By the time we finished stuffing ourselves with lunch at the chuckwagon tent, the wind was about 30 MPH with 40 MPH gusts, and the wet stuff was beginning to be a bother.
The Osmose City Car, designed by Claude Yviquel, is a two-seat "city car" limited to 30 mph. Its body features five large formed parts of Kelvx PETG resin from Eastman Chemical Co., Kingsport, Tenn.
An example might be that if the speed limit is 60 mph and 70% of the traffic obeys this law, you don't lower the speed limit to 30 mph to compensate for the 30% who don't obey.
Activated by a radar sensor, the sign detects vehicles travelling at more than 30 mph and flashes up a bilingual 'Slow/Araf' warning to drivers.
The impact speed was near 30 mph. Because the air bag was deployed, the velocity change data was recorded (Figure 11).
British engineers recently unveiled the Aquada, a sports car that hugs the road at up to 100 miles per hour, then retracts (pulls in) its wheels in seconds to skim across water at 30 mph. That makes the Aquada the fastest amphibious (operates on water and land) car ever built.