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a half of an hour

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Nicotine tablets, chewing tobacco and nicotine gum are absorbed through the digestive system, needing 30 minutes to work.
On average, the men who exercised 30 minutes a day lost 3.
Accelerate to a tempo you feel you can sustain for 30 minutes, and start your watch.
A slice of Christmas cake = 220 calories = cook for 30 minutes, wash the dishes for another half hour and then do half an hour of ironing.
The researcher phoned the interviewees separately for 30 minutes per call, and the research questions were asked orally, while the researcher recorded the answers in Arabic.
Children who attend the program after school have 90 minutes of instructional time that includes 30 minutes working on math or reading skills with software material by LeapFrog, 30 minutes working on language proficiency with AutoSkill software and 30 minute working with trained teachers.
South Carolina State (20-10), 30 minutes after first game
Incorporating Fineline and Pyrostop glass, the screen encloses the staircase to its full height of 40m to give 30 minutes integrity and insulation.
NEARLY two out of 10 callers to the Government's NHS Direct telephone helpline have to wait more than 30 minutes before speaking to a nurse.
In fact, muscles are most receptive to recovery during the first 30 minutes after competition.
Reduce the heat, add the sausage, and simmer for 30 minutes, skimming off any excess fat.
JoAnn Manson-one of the leading investigators of both the Women's Health Initiative and the Nurses' Health Study-and her co-author Patricia Amend relay that only 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise-even walking can save your life.
The study results demonstrated that more than half of patients taking ZOMIG experienced headache response after just 30 minutes (ZOMIG 46.
Three teams of astronomers have linked fluctuations in X-ray emissions around a suspected black hole to bursts of infrared radiation from jets of hot matter that the object hurls outs every 30 minutes.
Company limited its employee lunch periods to 30 minutes and provided free lunches to employees on its business premises.