Thirty Years' War

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a series of conflicts (1618-1648) between Protestants and Catholics starting in Germany and spreading until France and Denmark and Sweden were opposing the Holy Roman Empire and Spain

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What's happened, of course, is that the Middle East has begun what Richard Haass of the Council on Foreign Relations has called its 30 Years' War -- an overlapping series of clashes and proxy wars that could go on for decades and transform identities, maps and the political contours of the region.
There are those who think that the region as a whole may be starting to go through something similar to what Europe went through in the early 17th century during the 30 Years' War, when Protestant and Catholic states battled it out.
Though it plays out over a 12-year period during the 30 Years' War, Brecht is said to have written the play in response to Germany's 1939 invasion of Poland.
9 THE 30 Years' War was ended in 1648 with what peace treaty?
As the Sykes-Picot borders disappear and the nations created by the mapmakers if 1919-20 disintegrate, a Muslim 30 Years' War may be breaking out in the thrice-promised land," warned US commentator Patrick J.
For us to recover what we lost in the last 30 years' war, we need to stand united and should accomplish it in a united way.