Thirty Years' War

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a series of conflicts (1618-1648) between Protestants and Catholics starting in Germany and spreading until France and Denmark and Sweden were opposing the Holy Roman Empire and Spain

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There are 5,098 Security Forces personnel reported as disappeared during the 30 year war according to the convenor of the Dead and Missing Persons' Parents Association although complaints received by the Commission is below this figure.
It carries on but sometimes you let slip, like on 30 Year War.
The MP addressing members of the Southern Province School Children's Transport Association, said President Rajapaksa's leadership in defeating the 30 year war ushered in a new era to Sri Lanka.
Speaking at an event in Welioya yesterday to distribute land deeds to 3,000 farmer families in the Mahaweli L Zone, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that the people of the north had suffered immensely as a result of the 30 year war.
He expressed solidarity with the Government of Sri Lanka and expressed sincere congratulations for the victory over terrorist elements after a 30 year war.
This UNHRC Resolution against Sri Lanka is supposed to be about accountability issues related to the 30 year war against terrorism and about the pace in the implementation of the development and rehabilitation programs.
Professor Rohan Gunaratne: It is ending the 30 year war.
The Jesuits also destroyed all traces of true Biblical Christianity in Europe leading to the 30 year war.
The main reason for this is the ending of the 30 year war and the building of political stability in the country.
Meanwhile, the People's Bank has taken the initiative to build 50 houses to reinforce the life of the people of the North who have faced a dreadful 30 year war.
On May 18, 2009 Sri Lanka defeated the LTTE, killing its entire leadership, after a 30 year war.
Employment opportunities and infrastructure facilities are the other important factors to be developed to improve the standard of living of the people who experienced a 30 year war which destroyed their life.
They took the brunt of the casualties (50% in 1971 but very much less in the 30 year war on terror and 1988/9) before handing over to the Armed Forces.