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System requirements are 486 system (minimum) or Pentium based PC (recommended) with minimum 8MB RAM (16MB Recommended), Microsoft Windows 95, 30MB free hard disk space, 640 x 480 VGA card with 16 colors or above and 3.
Season's Greetings(TM)" enables users to customize and send the greetings via e-mail or on a 3.
Flash drives function as portable storage for photos, music, programs and other data that would be too large to fit on a 3.
Using the MoneyClip solution, home users can insert the bank branded smart card into the Smarty smart card reader, then insert the Smarty into a PC's 3.
Continuing the ZDS tradition of leading price/performance, Z-SERVER WL is priced at less than $3,800 for an entry-level system that includes processor, CD-ROM and 3.