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the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle

the scientist in charge of an experiment or research project

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the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet

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Initial preparations for the construction of the plant, comprising four 1 million-kilowatt generators, involved leveling three hills and building a 3.
Hong Kong's international airport recorded an all-time monthly high of 3.
This is compared to 766,973 births in Germany during 1999 with a total diaper demand of 3.
announced today it will be launching the world's first DICOM([R]) 3.
A buyer could take advantage of the government's eco-friendly vehicle subsidy to reduce payments to around 3.
Its operating system-independent self-calibration system sets the luminance within 1 percent of user-defined values and configures the panel to the DICOM 3.
ASDA Extra Special shortbread selection (400g), pounds 3.
42 months of supply, while one year ago the inventory-to- shipments ratio stood at 3.