Euclidean space

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a space in which Euclid's axioms and definitions apply

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Therefore supernatural disturbance do not exist in a 3dimensional space but in a more than 3-dimensional space such supernatural disturbance act.
In this article, we investigate the radial part of Laplace's equations in dimensions both lower and higher than three and interpret what their solutions represent in 3-dimensional space.
LumenIQ's products aid perception by displaying two-dimensional images in a 3-dimensional space that can be manipulated for expert analysis.
In analysing the chemistry of solids, the book emphasizes the separate roles of the constraints of chemistry and the constraints of 3-dimensional space.
Perceptron's laser sensors and AutoSolve(TM) software algorithms measure the exact position of each vehicle in 3-dimensional space and calculate "best fit" position information to guide industrial robot paths during the assembly operation.
However, the SCH-S310 can recognize continuous movement in 3-dimensional space.
The IGT optical localizer is a series of infrared cameras that compute the position and orientation of a point or object in 3-dimensional space.
It can track a ball in 3-dimensional space and measures the ball's entire 3D trajectory.
We can also characterize the type of defect involved and its depth in 3-dimensional space.
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