Euclidean space

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a space in which Euclid's axioms and definitions apply

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Therefore supernatural disturbance do not exist in a 3dimensional space but in a more than 3-dimensional space such supernatural disturbance act.
In this article, we investigate the radial part of Laplace's equations in dimensions both lower and higher than three and interpret what their solutions represent in 3-dimensional space.
0 format complies with the ISO standard, which is an effective data format for expressing 3-dimensional space on the browser.
The gellhorn, which is shaped like a diaphragm with an elongated stem in the center on the convex side, is the pessary to use when the ring pessary will not stay in and there is a need for the pessary to occupy 3-dimensional space.
Perceptron's laser sensors and AutoSolve software algorithms are designed to measure the exact position of each vehicle in 3-dimensional space and calculate best fit position information to guide industrial robot paths during the assembly operation.
surface area of an ellipsoid in 3-dimensional space
A natural motion interface is a pointing device that allows a viewer to manipulate images on a TV screen by moving a pointer freely in 3-dimensional space, doing for the TV even more than the mouse did in 2-dimensions for the personal computer.
In analysing the chemistry of solids, the book emphasizes the separate roles of the constraints of chemistry and the constraints of 3-dimensional space.
However, the SCH-S310 can recognize continuous movement in 3-dimensional space.
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