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Synonyms for 3-dimensional

involving or relating to three dimensions or aspects

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Now however, the screens have gone 3-dimensional and in the case of China, this stands an utterly good chance of becoming the next big thing.
This 3-Dimensional Web Application Risk Assessment Service offers organisations a comprehensive view of the vulnerabilities within their own custom web application and the level of real-world threat it faces today.
In contrast to other computational approaches, the Locus technology requires only a high- resolution, 3-dimensional structure of the target protein to implement its drug discovery process.
3-Dimensional Services, Rochester Hills, MI, named as a recipient of the Superior Quality Award for 2002 by GM's Powertrain Division and its Pre-Production Supplier Development Group
New Brunswick, NJ and Yardley, PA 1/16/03 -- Johnson & Johnson has announced it will purchase drug discovery service company 3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals for approximately $88 million net of cash, or $5.74 per each outstanding share.
* surface area of an ellipsoid in 3-dimensional space
The article is illustrated by a schematic diagram of apparatus, a 3-dimensional graph, and 2 numerical tables.
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (NYSE: BMY) has purchased seven 3-Dimensional ThermoFluor high-throughput screening workstations.
The whole-mount preparation technique produces a 3-dimensional picture to better demonstrate the structure of neuronal networks and the relationship of branching and interconnecting nerve fibers to each other and to the neighboring tissues.[26] This method is extremely useful for morphologic analysis of nerve distribution in luminal organs such as the gastrointestinal tract in both healthy forms and in motility disorders.[27] The optical limitation of conventional light microscopy in the whole-mount preparation technique is that the image viewed is the sum of a sharp-in-focus region and structures outside the focal plane.
If it were a 3-dimensional FORM in SPACE that you could walk around, whar would it be called?
(SBI), San Diego, has announced that De Novo Pharmaceuticals (Cambridge, UK) has entered into an agreement to access multiple therapeutic target classes within SBI's SBdBase, one of the databases within SBI's ProMax 3-dimensional protein structure database series.
The end result is a print that appears to be 3-dimensional. Very impressive, but be warned - it's quite expensive to develop the actual film, and you only get 16 shots per camera.
When moose were inactive 50% of 3-dimensional locations were within 5 m of the estimated location, and 95% were within 17 m of the estimated location.
Using a 3-dimensional tissue culture model of head and neck mucosa, researchers at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill found that adenoviruses are able to infect only the most undifferentiated cell layers.