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Synonyms for 3-dimensional

involving or relating to three dimensions or aspects

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The thesis of the project is: that by careful control of the constituent nanostructure properties, a 3-dimensional medium can be created in which a large number of topological solitons can exist.
The team showed that, during mammalian development, Hoxd genes depend on a 'bimodal' 3-dimensional DNA structure to direct the development of the characteristic subdivision of the limbs into arm and paw, a division which is absent from fish fins.
With 24 creative, diverse examples of Romorini's 3-dimensional art, including commissions for Oprah Winfrey, USA TODAY, Anderson Windows, Michael Jordan, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and Ernst & Young, the website features classics from over 1,000 commissions since 1985.
Of the commercially available 3-dimensional MRI sequences, 2 meet these criteria.
NEC has developed the "3-dimensional Simulator for LTE SON" in order to verify the effectiveness of SON in urban settings by evaluating LTE system performance amid 3-dimensional radio propagation.
Detroit Diesel turned to 3-Dimensional Services and other prototyping firms for help designing a tool that would let engine builders snap the plug into the socket easily and without damage.
Once images of all the slices were in hand, a computer cinched them into a 3-dimensional portrait of the entire cloud.
This 3-Dimensional Web Application Risk Assessment Service offers organisations a comprehensive view of the vulnerabilities within their own custom web application and the level of real-world threat it faces today.
The company has developed advanced technologies to generate highly refined 3-dimensional structural models of proteins from primary genetic information and commercializes these technologies through its structural database products and through drug discovery collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies.
3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals is a drug discovery company using DiscoverWorks, a proprietary technology platform, to reduce the cost, and improve the quality of drugs entering clinical trials.
They are now extending this from 3-Dimensional Services, a rapid prototyping (RP) showcase, and Quasar Industries, a short-run stamper and toolmaker, into fast-response plastic-injection molding.
Increased conversion efficiency and wide-angle sunlight collection from the company's 3-dimensional solar cell could have delivered more than $6.
Like the 3-dimensional game I just build, it requires all the components of that chapter basically, and I would like to thank maths and physics teacher," said Ahmad.
Contract notice: 3-dimensional ehhokardiogrf and medical workstation.
Application of 3-dimensional imaging with multiplanar reconstruction could obviate the need for obtaining images in 2 planes, decreasing the examination time and associated patient discomfort and motion artifact.