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Synonyms for 3-dimensional

involving or relating to three dimensions or aspects

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BridgeNet develops, sells, and supports its proprietary software, Volans, a web-based 3-dimensional application designed to create, evaluate and display flight operations.
The University of Birmingham invites tenders for the supply of a fastest, most precise and sophisticated 3D laser lithography system for 2-dimensional as well as 3-dimensional micro- and nano-fabrication.
The team showed that, during mammalian development, Hoxd genes depend on a 'bimodal' 3-dimensional DNA structure to direct the development of the characteristic subdivision of the limbs into arm and paw, a division which is absent from fish fins.
Solar3D has already set a number of milestones, including the completion of each design element--including the optical element and the 3-dimensional photovoltaic structure--and adjustment of the design for mass manufacturing.
Of the commercially available 3-dimensional MRI sequences, 2 meet these criteria.
NEC has developed the "3-dimensional Simulator for LTE SON" in order to verify the effectiveness of SON in urban settings by evaluating LTE system performance amid 3-dimensional radio propagation.
Detroit Diesel turned to 3-Dimensional Services and other prototyping firms for help designing a tool that would let engine builders snap the plug into the socket easily and without damage.
Once images of all the slices were in hand, a computer cinched them into a 3-dimensional portrait of the entire cloud.
This 3-Dimensional Web Application Risk Assessment Service offers organisations a comprehensive view of the vulnerabilities within their own custom web application and the level of real-world threat it faces today.
And on the third day, they created the "Art for Peace Pyramid," a 3-dimensional mural designed by Rodrigue and comprised of panels created by the young artists.
SBI), San Diego, has announced that De Novo Pharmaceuticals (Cambridge, UK) has entered into an agreement to access multiple therapeutic target classes within SBI's SBdBase, one of the databases within SBI's ProMax 3-dimensional protein structure database series.
KAZ632) DAVID U'PRICHARD, CEO of 3-DIMENSIONAL PHARMACEUTICALS INC (DDDP), describes the company's business and its background; prospects for the industry, with positive and negative trends; competitive threats; strategic opportunities for the firm including its marketing plans and acquisition potential; management strength and organization; and the financial prospects of the firm looking forward.
Under this new contract, we will be attempting to extend our 3-dimensional technologies to include area interconnections, a significant milestone for both this application and our overall Silicon Brain development.
3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals is a drug discovery company using DiscoverWorks, a proprietary technology platform, to reduce the cost, and improve the quality of drugs entering clinical trials.