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an optical device for viewing stereoscopic photographs

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A Brewster-type 3-D viewer will need to be constructed, probably out of cardboard.
With the 3-D viewer, engineers can open CAD files automatically--without the conversion step.
Panoramas, 3-D models, virtual tours, and other photo-realistic material created with REALVIZ software products--Stitcher, ImageModeler, and VTour--can now be directly exported and published within Google Earth, pinpointing exact geographic positioning, courtesy of the Google Earth 3-D viewer.
The View-Master allows guests to see their cocktail promotions through the compellingly-grabable View-Master 3-D viewer. Guests flip through the menu of premium cocktail selections, named for world-famous artists - the Matisse Margarita, for example, made with Sauza Conmemorativo tequila, Cointreau, Rose's Lime Juice, sweet and sour and a splash of orange juice - or the simply whimsical, like the Wango Tango, made with Bacardi Select.
The user can visualise and manipulate the underground mine design associated with mining and development activities in a 3-D viewer. Precedences between activities can be entered either through the Gantt Chart or through the 3-D view.