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an optical device for viewing stereoscopic photographs

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A Brewster-type 3-D viewer will need to be constructed, probably out of cardboard.
Many cool accessories like stylish 3-D glasses and photo greeting cards with 3-D viewers make Photo3-D a perfect add-on gift for anyone who wants a digital camera this year, or is looking for something new to enhance their existing digital camera.
Viewing these virtual worlds using Superscape's Viscape, the world's fastest 3-D viewer for the Internet, easily highlights the more powerful processing speed of the 200-MHz chip over its predecessors.
Available now for free download from the leading developer of software tools for creating interactive three-dimensional virtual worlds on personal computers is Superscape 3-D viewer, the first interactive 3-D Viewer to effectively demonstrate the power of virtual reality software on the Internet.
The speed of 3-D viewers or browsers is determined by the rate at which virtual "scenes" change on screen based on the actions or changes in the viewpoint of the user.
By extending and enhancing the powerful capabilities of viewers which are based on VRML, Superscape was able to develop VisNet to be on average five to 10 times faster than the first generation 3-D viewers.
The closing, to be completed by April, 1996, will shift manufacturing of toys such a View-Master(R) 3-D viewers and Magna Doodle(R) drawing toys for the European market to Tyco's facilities in Portland, Oregon and contract facilities in the Far East.