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Synonyms for stereoscopy

three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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for 3-D active glasses, prompting the four companies to jointly develop the 3-D glasses.
Fowler did not wear her 3-D glasses over her eyeglasses during the film ("It's too weird," she said), General Manager James J.
Two sets of 3-D glasses will be enclosed in each package for players to experience visuals that seem to pop out from their television sets.
The Sensorama 4-D Cinema involves 3-D imagery and special effects like water sprays, and we're providing you with free 3-D glasses and rain mac* so you can prepare for the fun
Displays and tune-ins will instruct viewers to use their 3-D glasses on Super Bowl Sunday.
The lesson consisted of the students making 3-D glasses to view self-portrait collages.
The Siemens SXD3 1899 is an 18-inch 3-D flat panel screen that three-dimensional without the need for special viewing aids 3-D glasses or shutters.
Put on a pair of 3-D glasses and check out this latest snapshot of the sun
Paired images seem to pop out of the screen when viewed with the 3-D glasses.
The newer method of screening 3-D films doesn't require the use of two projectors, and the lenses of the polarized 3-D glasses are clear instead of red and blue.
A small penlight shone into the infant's eyes can assess eye alignment, while depth perception can be measured by using 3-D glasses (like those you get in the movies) and showing the baby 3-D pictures; babies with good eye coordination and depth perception reach out to touch the picture.
Readers were also able to use their 3-D glasses on the Star-Telegram's Web site, www.
In an interactive twist, movie patrons were given a cardboard "Magic Mystic Mask" with built-in 3-D glasses they could put on whenever they heard a character tell Barnes to "Put the mask on--now