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Synonyms for stereoscopy

three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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To test this, the team created special, tiny 3-D glasses out of blue and green-coloured filters, and used beeswax to fit them to 10 adult insects.
She fitted mantises with tiny 3-D glasses and played them 3-D movies to see if they reacted to the moving objects.
As "Miss San Antonio" (Amber Head) straddles Machete (Danny Trejo), "PUT ON YOUR 3-D GLASSES" flashes on the screen, increasing in rapidity as she takes off her pageantry sash and starts to disrobe.
The 3DS will feature some games that users can play in without having to wear 3-D glasses. It also will offer a 2-D mode.
It also reported strong growth in revenues from booking fees, sales of 3-D glasses and on-screen advertising, which was making "encouraging progress compared to the prior year".
A recent viewing on a 52-inch Sony ($3,500) was marred by a constant flicker caused by the 3-D glasses. To process separate images coming from the TV, the lenses alternately block one eye, then the other, "tricking" your brain into seeing the picture in 3-D.
Turning away from a slightly blurred high definition TV screen as the actors writhed, director Christopher Sun shouted "cut" whilst yanking off his 3-D glasses. "Good" he yelled.
In a cinema, the reason we wear 3-D glasses is to feed different images into our eyes."
A n audience of students, parents and professors took off their 3-D glasses and cheered loudly for the winning team in a contest with a big twist.
"This is the world's first portable 3-D player that doesn't need 3-D glasses," Sharad said.
Hanney said the projector, sound input and 3-D glasses - which are an updated plastic version of those tacky cellophane and paper things from the 1950s - cost around $100,000.
They allow the player to choose to turn on special 3-D features in the games while wearing the enclosed 3-D glasses. Using the glasses, players will see the action extend forward from their television screens in a three-dimensional perspective while playing the games.
But before Europe can go whole hog for 3-D, someone still needs to sort out the pesky issue of who pays for all the 3-D glasses.
The Sensorama 4-D Cinema involves 3-D imagery and special effects like water sprays, and we're providing you with free 3-D glasses and rain mac so you can prepare for the fun!
Though it only comes with five pairs of 3-d glasses so you're going to have to pick them carefully.