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Synonyms for cad

someone who is morally reprehensible

software used in art and architecture and engineering and manufacturing to assist in precision drawing

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ArchiCAD, which has one of the smallest market shares of the companies selling 3-D CAD, bills itself as helping 100,000 architects in "virtual building." The program allows for storage of construction information in one database and lets changes made in one view be updated in others, including sections, elevations, and 3-D models.
Russell Stay, product manager, Manufacturing, Software Products Marketing Div., SDRC, says that 3-D CAD users need to understand clearly their immediate as well as potential future needs.
* The process is repeated until all 2-D cross sections, as defined by the 3-D CAD model, have been cut by the laser and bonded.
The tool supports a variety of 3-D CAD formats, including Collada, Rhino, 3-D PDF, 3-D XML, SketchUp, IGES, STEP, and SolidWorks.
That model is then available to be used in 3-D CAD, computer-aided manufacturing, or other computer-aided engineering applications.
Capability: A free download from Adobe updates 3-D CAD translators for Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.
The company didn't have a software application to automatically import its 3-D CAD models, created in SolidWorks, into the manuals.
The Selma, Calif., company's brass valves and vents take hours instead of months to make now that engineers use 3-D CAD software from SolidWorks in conjunction with a computer numerically controlled system.
Capability: The 3-D CAD software SolidWorks has been upgraded to SolidWorks 2008.
He fooled around, sketched his idea in 2-D programs, and created the final digital prototype in a 3-D CAD package.
According to 3Dconnexion, the controllers work with more than 100 applications, including a variety of 3-D CAD systems and the new Adobe 3-D Acrobat viewer.