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Synonyms for 3-D

a movie with images having three dimensional form or appearance

having a three-dimensional form or appearance


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A limited selection of historical works showcased the affinities between 3-D and abstraction, extricating stereoscopic cinema from the seemingly never-ending debate over its realism (or lack thereof).
The 3-D Film Archive is an organization dedicated to preserving and restoring historic stereoscopic films.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has also initiated a range of programs to explore the use of 3-D printing at its museum.
During this moribund period--at least in regards to theatrically released 3-D films--there were several notable advances in 3-D technology, even if it was reserved for theme park rides and large-format (e.g., IMAX) screens.
The object of 3-D shoots is to simulate conditions an archer will encounter while hunting game, so in that sense difficult shots at unknown distances are realistic.
Alison Griffiths' article, "Sensual Vision: 3-D, Medieval Art, and the Cinematic Imaginary," traces the contemporary 3-D experience to previous art works and modes of viewing/spectatorship and makes use of medieval visual theory and neuroesthetics in order to explain our ongoing fascination with the sensorial plentitude of 3-D.
This will make 3-D TV appear as of more of a possible choice in an existing product, rather than a new product segment that they are unprepared to spend money on.
He said that the massive success of Avatar had proved 3-D movies could be popular in the mass market - and said he believed 3-D home entertainment was a massive growth market.
"If any film doesn't need a gimmick, it's these ones, and that's for me what 3-D is," Radcliffe said in an interview.
took the wraps off its 3-D desktop personal computer on Wednesday, which will hit the Japanese market on June 17, as the electronics maker joined rivals competing for the anticipated increase in demand for 3-D products during the summer shopping season.
began on Thursday selling three-dimensional televisions in Japan, joining its rivals in a competition over 3-D TVs and hoping to expand demand as the World Cup in South Africa opens Friday.
Computer companies are betting that the future is not only bright but in three dimensions, as a string of manufacturers are set to bring 3-D laptops and desktops onto the market.
The 3-D target game was created by bowhunters to better prepare for shots at live game.