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a ballroom dance in duple meter

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The hypothesis proposes a 2step pathway: (i) from low vitamin D levels to expression of serological autoimmunity (expressed by ANA-positive ratio [greater than or equal to]1 : 80) and (ii) from ANA positivity to frequent flare events.
Real-time RT-PCR was carried out using SYBR Green 2Step qRT-PCR Kit (Finnzymes, Espoo, Finland) components and HPLC-grade oligonucleotide primers synthesized by Genomed (Poland).
Among the interaction terms which include the 2Step dummy variable, the only one that is significantly different from zero is 2Step* Completed2*Ml20+, which is negative.
Instructors Emma Brown and Maria Katzi, who run the 2Step Dance Company, have organised the club.
(2006) Instep 2step, pre-fatigue 2step, post fatigue Research Study Ball speed (m x [s.sup.-1]) Asami and Nolte (1983) 29.9 (2.9) Narici et al.