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Synonyms for runner-up

the competitor who finishes second

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First runner up for Best in Case Finding, 2nd runner up for Best in Case Holding, 2nd runner up for Best in Recording and Reporting, 2nd runner up for Top Performing Satellite Treatment Center were also given to the Adela Serra Ty Memorial Medical Center.
Once the judges evaluated the presentations, the results were announced; Engro Fertilizers Limited claimed victory while Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited and Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited became the 1st and 2nd Runner Ups respectively.
In the women's singles category Estrelita Tongio (Philippines) was the winner with Nashiroh Ishaq (Indonesia) 1st runner up and Hamsa Hisham Al Khaldi (Malaysia) as the 2nd runner up.
In the open or mixed doubles category Suprijadi and Gugun Gunawan (Indonesia) were declared champion, while Doan Kien Trung and Le Van Hoan (Vietnam) took the 1st runner up and Winston Dean Almeda and Roger Bunao (Philippines) 2nd runner up.
The "gross" category witnessed Ahmed Sarwar clinching the pole position with Greg Gloeib and Farid ud Din were 1st and 2nd runner up to follow.
Konapindibu Financial and Agricultural Farmers, Sierra Leone - 2nd Runner Up