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a commissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marine Corps holding the lowest rank

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One hopes that 2nd Lieutenant Prince Harry's commanding officer will not only give him some good advice, but encourage him to engage in ways and means of attaining maturity.
Last week the former Yarm School pupil, now 2nd Lieutenant Ross, paraded in front of his family, friends and the Royal Family, including the Queen who inspected the cadets, at the passing out ceremony.
Miss X, a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Logistics Corps who served in Bosnia, admitted she had been to a dinner party outside the base and was drunk on the night of the attack.
The letter reads: "I am writing to ask if you are able to give me any information in regard to my son, 2nd Lieutenant Kipling, who is reported as wounded and missing in the fight in the wood beyond the Chalk Pit Wood on September 27.
His elder sister is a 2nd Lieutenant of the Philippine Army, while his only brother is also enlisted with the Philippine Army.
He was a veteran of the Korean War where he served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army 82nd Airborne Division.
Harry, a 2nd Lieutenant in the Blues and Royals begins a two-day course this week with the Operational Training and Advisory Group, which prepares soldiers for duty in Iraq.
The two other soldiers killed in the ambush in Helmand province on Tuesday were 2nd Lieutenant Ralph Johnson, 24, who was single and served with the Household Cavalry' and Captain Alex Eida, 29.
Yesterday, to the honoured name of father-of-two Corporal Matthew Cornish, 29, killed by a mortar attack on a UK base in Basra, were added those of father-of-two Lance Corporal Ross Nicholls, 27, 2nd Lieutenant Ralph Johnson, 24, and Captain Alex Eida, 29, all killed in the Helmand province of Afghanistan.
As a 2nd Lieutenant, he was awarded the Military Cross during the retreat to Dunkirk.
A graduate in applied zoology at Leeds University, Ian finished his Sandhurst course with the traditional passing out parade, marking his commissioning as a 2nd Lieutenant. After a visit to the Green Howards Regimental Headquarters and Museum in Richmond, North Yorkshire, he flew out to meet his new base at Shackleton Barracks in Ba yke
The Staffordshire Regiment completed a six month operational tour of Iraq last year during which 2nd Lieutenant Richard Shearer and privates Leon Spicer and Phillip Hewett were killed in a roadside bomb attack.
Regarding your recent feature (He Died For My Generation, 24.2.05) I was present at Dorman Memorial Museum when 2nd Lieutenant Walter Hall's personal effects were donated by his great-niece Anne Roberts in the presence of Ashok Kumar and Ray Mallon.
During the first 12 weeks of basic training in Hadrian's Camp, Carlisle, Waterworth was a private, before becoming a 2nd lieutenant. He was in Germany during a time of East-West tensions, following the Berlin airlift, when Britain, France and America guarded the western sector.
As a 2nd Lieutenant, Reserve, in the United States Air Force, he spent several years working at Kirtland Air Force Base, and then transferred to US NOL in Maryland where he met his future wife.