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(baseball) the person who plays second base

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1st Baseman fields balls and throws to the SS covering 2nd to initiate a double play with the 2nd baseman running to cover 1st.
We want our 2nd baseman with the ball "walking the runner" back to first with the 3rd baseman keeping an eye on the runner at third.
We want our 2nd baseman to get out there and get it.
The P and 2nd baseman must hold the runner close to help ensure a force at 3rd.
If 2nd baseman is not covering bag, he becomes a decoy.
SS communicates with 2nd baseman who will cover bag.
The 2nd baseman must consider the strength of the P's move to avoid going to the bag too early.
Ground ball to right of 3rd baseman and SS and to left of 2nd baseman and 1st baseman for the double play, with the ball being returned to the catcher.
What must the 2nd baseman and SS do after every pitch, with runners on base?
3rd Baseman fields a ground ball hit by a coach and throws it to the 2nd baseman for the 5-4 force-out or to start a double play.
Right Fielder runs down a groundball hit toward the right-field line, and throws to the cutoff man (2nd baseman), who relays the ball to the SS covering 2nd.
Pitcher, 2nd Baseman, SS practice pick-off plays at 2nd.
2nd Baseman. Upon hearing the "step off" call, he breaks into the baseline about 10 feet from 2nd base and looks for a throw from the pitcher.
If the runner gets by the 2nd baseman, the SS looks for the pitcher's throw to the bag.
If the lead runner stays near the bag and the back runner stops in the baseline, the catcher must throw to the 2nd baseman, who should be in the baseline between 1st and 2nd.