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a commissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marine Corps holding the lowest rank

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About 12 alumni members of the West Point Society met at the Officers' Club of Camp Aguinaldo to welcome 2nd Lt. Eclarin, the 73rd scholar.
"Shortly afterwards another bomb fell near the same place; again 2nd Lt. Youens picked it up with the intention of throwing it away, when it exploded in his hand, severely wounding him and also some of his men.
Police spokesman, 2nd Lt. Shafiullah Afghanyar told media that the firefight erupted after a rogue policeman facilitated the rebels.
Paul Revere (Disobedience of an Orderu1782), Camp Logan Incident (Mutiny, Riotu1917), Port Chicago Court-Martial (Mutinyu1944, and 2nd Lt. William Calley (War Crimes, Cover-Upu1968-1971).
District police chief, 2nd Lt. Lutfullah Kamran, confirmed the incident and alleged Taliban commander Mula Idree and his men were behind the kidnapping.
Gaza, Aug.3(Petra)- The Israeli army on Sunday said that Israeli soldier 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin, who had been feared captured by Hamas activists in Gaza died in action in the Gaza Strip.
The last time Elaine Jack, 92, saw her brother, 2nd Lt. Vernal Bird, he was a dashing young pilot in the U.S.
The four mile trail (allow about two hours) starts at the Forester's House where 2nd Lt. Owen spent his last night before he was killed in action.
He graduated from Classical High School Worcester and Purdue University Indiana also ROTC and Commissioned a 2nd Lt. He next went on to flight school and began a long worldwide career as a fighter pilot in the USAF.
I happen to work in the same office with both 2nd Lt. Meredith Kirchoff (the cheerleader on the left in the page 30 photo) and Sergeant Hoy.
According to Lakes state information and communication minister, Marik Nanga Marik, the 87 police officers from the rank of brigadier until 2nd Lt. Col., graduated in ceremony attended by senior government officials of Lakes state.
2nd Lt. Revenia Buck said, "For me, studying for the CCRN forced me to study all areas of critical care.
Grady Patterson, 2nd Lt. Adam Gubbels, Senior Airman Hansen Multine, Anthony Baros, Bill McCullough, and Jim O'Loughlin