second lieutenant

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a commissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marine Corps holding the lowest rank

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Amazingly, 2LT Monti convinced the American military personnel at the 354th that he was a pilot from the nearby 82d and asked to take a Lockheed F-5E Lightning up for a "test flight." When told he would need to get permission for such a flight, Monti instead simply climbed into the cockpit of an F-5E, taxied out the runway, and took off.
Lieutenant Homcy refused LTC Bird's order and, despite entreaties from Bird, 2LT Homcy persisted in declining to obey him.
2LT Carter is the JNN Platoon Leader from Enterprise, Ala.
Capt Kent Payne, 2Lt Michael Fessler, Lt Col John O'Connor, and 1Lt Shalin Turner distinguished themselves in their handling of a serious in-flight emergency while flying a B-1B aircraft on a local training sortie.
Please contact me care of Mrs K BATE, 6, Loch Street, Whitehills, Banff, AB45 2LT.
They were: Capt Larry, Lewis; 2Lt Mike Tullius, 2Lt Sean Lillis, Capt Chris Luther, Capt Craig Duecker, 2Lt John Farlik, 2Lt Jeremy Smith, and Capt Bert Jean.
Army 2Lt. Dennis Gamos, executive officer of 33rd Infantry Battalion Alpha company, received the former communist rebels in simple ceremonies in Midtungok village at 11 a.m.
A flash report received here also said the two platoons from the Army's 75th Infantry Battalion (75th IB) led by 2Lt. Begee de Jesus and 2Lt.
The Traverse Graphite Edition is available exclusively with the 2LT trim.
Sgt John Hanna (RAF) and 2Lt Alan McLeod (RFC) share the same distinction.
Lieutenant Homey refused LTC Bird's order and, despite entreaties from Bird, 2LT Homey persisted in declining to obey him.
The latest edition of SubaruAAEs Legacy has been redesigned and it's larger and roomier inside and out, including a new power train line-up Au 2lt and 2.5lt Boxer engines to go with the companyAAEs trademark symmetrical AWD.
Lebanon Trade Centre, Isa TownAl Marai fresh milk, 2lt 0.950