second lieutenant

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a commissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marine Corps holding the lowest rank

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Under cross-examination, 2LT Homcy further explained that the cooks, bakers, ammunition handlers, and orderlies that he had been ordered to lead into combat were so unqualified that he "would jeopardize their lives if I took them on a patrol of that nature.
2LT Cooper has now been Mentioned in Despatches - the oldest form of recognition of gallantry within the UK Armed Forces.
5) According to the official citation, 2LT Homey "was second in command of a group assigned the task of carrying ammunition, food, water and clothing to front-line troops.
At this time, 2LT Chudzik realized that his platoon was unable to maneuver forward on the enemy.
For the second lieutenants who took to the field, the game is a way to give back to the community, said 2LT Brunson DePass, captain of the Cannonballs.
8lt 16v petrol unit linked to a five-speed manual gearbox; then a 2lt 16v petrol unit fitted with the same five-speed, or a four-speed Porsche type Tiptronic auto gearbox.
Capt Kent Payne, 2Lt Michael Fessler, Lt Col John O'Connor, and 1Lt Shalin Turner distinguished themselves in their handling of a serious in-flight emergency while flying a B-1B aircraft on a local training sortie.
Please contact me care of Mrs K BATE, 6, Loch Street, Whitehills, Banff, AB45 2LT.
They were: Capt Larry, Lewis; 2Lt Mike Tullius, 2Lt Sean Lillis, Capt Chris Luther, Capt Craig Duecker, 2Lt John Farlik, 2Lt Jeremy Smith, and Capt Bert Jean.
The Traverse Graphite Edition is available exclusively with the 2LT trim.
In April 2013, 2Lt Spartan was released from the Canadian Forces on medical grounds due to a service-related knee injury.
M Krishnan has been driving his 2lt full option Chery for three years now.
Lebanon Trade Centre, Isa TownAl Marai fresh milk, 2lt 0.
2LT Maier is the Public Affairs Officer for the 44th Expeditionary Signal Battalion in Iraq.