second lieutenant

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a commissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marine Corps holding the lowest rank

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30) But the claimed UCI was not specifically directed toward 2LT Homey, since neither McRobert or Sitton remembered participating in the case.
As we say goodbye to these dedicated individuals, we also welcome others--LTC Ellis Colvin, US Army Europe, Heidelberg, Germany; LCDR Paul Simpson, US Naval Support Activity, La Maddalena, Italy; Maj David Albrecht, US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado; Maj(S) Brian Kehl, AFIT, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia; 2Lt Ann Arnold, HQ SSG, Maxwell AFB-Gunter Annex, Alabama; Mr Martin Cain, Career Broadener, Air Force Audit Agency Training Office, March ARB, California; TSgt Debra Riech, First Sergeant Academy, Maxwell AFB, Alabama; and Ms Josephine Stokes, Academic Instructor School, Maxwell AFB, Alabama.
Resuming his legal studies, graduating with distinction and practising as a country and city solicitor, he was commissioned as a 2Lt in the new militia unit 5th Australian Infantry Regiment (AIR) in 1904.
Paul Cameron, 126 (T/R) Whitehill Street, Glasgow G31 2LT.
When you equip the new Malibu with leather seats, like in the 2LT package, the entire interior seems to move up a notch on the luxury scale.
The qualifying vehicles include the 2013 Chevy Cruze 1LT, 2013 Chevy Malibu 2LT, 2012 GMC Terrain SLE-2, 2013 Chrysler 200 LX, 2012 Dodge Durango Crew, and the 2013 Cadillac Escalade ESV Premium.
The Commemorative Edition is available on the 2LT or 2SS trim level and also includes options found in the RS package
As field exercises were wrapping up, 2Lt McBride was assigned to the position of Gun Position Officer.
After America's entry into World War II, Allen applied for a commission in the JAGD and, on 1 April 1942, was sworn in as an Army Reserve 2LT.
The Evoque offers an advanced 2lt Si4 turbocharged engine that develops 240hp - a significant amount of torque for such an engine.
When one considers the fact that DA PAM 600-60 suggests that the RCWO of the Signal Regiment serving at the two-star level is accorded a lower precedence than a 2LT serving as a platoon leader, it becomes extremely evident that the pamphlet is outdated.
Lebanon Trade Centre, Isa TownAl Marai fresh milk, 2lt 0.
For the second lieutenants who took to the field, the game is a way to give back to the community, said 2LT Brunson DePass, captain of the Cannonballs.
Due to extreme officer shortages, 2LT Quinn was immediately given command of Company L, 5th Infantry Regiment, Fort Mckinley, Maine.