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photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication

the drawings and photographs in the layout of a book

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Furthermore, the new SoC uses the same 2D graphics core as the RH850/D1M microcontroller (MCU) for 2D graphics applications.
Wyse T10 enhancements include: 2D graphics, H.264, WMV9 hardware acceleration; Gigabit Ethernet; 802.11 B/G Wi-Fi; and 4 USB ports & DVI-I video interface.
The variation of the force can be related not only to the variation of the relief, but indirectly to color, intensity or with other 2D graphics information, e.g.
The center of the hologram is a true 3D image of a small temple surrounded by 2D graphics. The clever part is not the holographic image but the fact that each label is overprinted to register with the registered image.
Lessons cover the toolkit, work area, converting 3D design files to Adobe PDF, working with PDF models, using Acrobat 3D in the manufacturing workflow, adding security, reviewing and commenting, creating 2D graphics and animations, using models in technical publishing, and adding 3D content to Microsoft Office files.
Model: TomTom Rider (for your bikes or scooters) Price: pounds 499 What it does: Water resistant Points of interest Bluetooth headset for clear wireless spoken instructions into your helmet 3D and 2D graphics Volume of voice instructions will increase/decrease depending on speed of your bike Speaks more than 30 languages in over 50 voices Hands free mobile phone connection Model: Mio 168 Pocket PC Price: pounds 179.95 What it does: Full navigation maps and voice commands MP3 player Can include all the software applications on your computer including email, Excel and Word Model: Navman iCN 320 GPS Device Price: pounds 159.95 What it does: Full navigation maps and voice by voice instructions 3D images.
The original PCI bus was designed to support 2D graphics, higher-performance disk drives and local network.
Machinima movies are made on virtual sets using virtual characters and 2D graphics engines derived from popular games--so any filmmaker with a home PC an create them.
The entry-level configuration includes one AMD Opteron Processor Model 144, 512MB of DDR-400 memory, one 80 GB Serial ATA Hard Disk Drive, ATI Entry 2D Graphics, one DVD-ROM optical drive, and is pre-loaded with thousands of dollars worth of developer tools on one platform.
Since its introduction by SGI in 1992, OpenGL has become the industry's most widely used and supported 3D and 2D graphics API.
This driver will accelerate both the application level OpenGL ES APIs and most 2D graphics operations, as performed by Palm OS Cobalt's sophisticated system rendering technology.
For SK Telecom's GIGA platform, our combined solution has achieved Java VM acceleration by 100x, Java 2D graphics acceleration by 30x and over 6x acceleration for 3D graphics.
The Sun Blade 2500 comes with basic 2D graphics and can be equipped with the new XVR-600 3D graphics accelerator, which costs $1,195, and the existing top-end XVR-1200 graphics card, which costs $2,995.
Key features of the new controller include a 64-bit 2D graphics accelerator, embedded memory for LCD frame buffer, and flexible CPU interface.