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photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication

the drawings and photographs in the layout of a book

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Morten Iversen, Director, Partnership Programmes at TTPCom adds: "Hybrid's 3D and 2D graphics solutions are the most effective on the market today.
Goodin worked in various engineering and management roles at Weitek Corporation developing IC solutions for the Engineering Workstation and PC graphics markets including the very successful P9000 family of 2D graphics accelerators.
In addition to M3G, the partnership also covers Hybrid's upcoming implementation of OpenVG, a Scalable Vector Graphics API for 2D graphics, and their Java Bindings for OpenGL(R) ES.
Supplementing the EP9307's horsepower, the IC features a 2D graphics accelerator that significantly improves graphics performance and high-quality sound in multiple audio configurations.
It is vital that we have industry standards not just for 3D, but also for 2D graphics acceleration.
The very highly integrated EP9315 contains an ARM920T processor, graphics engine, a 2D graphics accelerator, IDE interface, Ethernet, USB, PCMCIA and the graphics and audio capabilities needed for a sophisticated user interface.
Deep Exploration, Right Hemisphere's client solution, provides easy navigation tools to search and view 2D graphics and 3D models.
The company's client solution, Deep Exploration, provides easy navigation tools to search and view 2D graphics and 3D models.
For SK Telecom's GIGA platform our combined solution has achieved GNEX acceleration of 30x, 2D graphics acceleration by 10x and over 6x acceleration for 3D graphics.