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code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laser

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Every bottle of liquor transported legally to the city will have a unique identification number accessible through a 2D Bar Code.
In a second report, titled "2D Bar Codes: Driving Consumers to Purchase," Forrester analyst Julie Ask identified several companies that have made good use of 2D bar codes.
For the laboratory scientist engaged in complex processes--such as aliquoting, precipitation, and purification of samples--the 2D bar code can encode new data at every step of the process and is backward traceable for historical-verification purposes.
One firm revolutionizing the way media companies, marketers, handset manufacturers, and carriers around the world provide information and services to consumers on their mobile phones is Scanbuy, a global provider of mobile marketing solutions that embrace 2D bar code solutions.
Faster bar code decoding and improved reading distance on linear and 2D bar codes - Increased motion tolerance delivering quick reads in mobile applications - Improved reading in low light conditions - Increased image resolution - greater image quality for image capture applications and improved reading of wide bar codes - Improved aiming - easy to see in all lighting conditions and optimal for image capture applications
The item's material is actually altered to carry the 2D bar code information from cradle to grave.
0 editions of Asure ID Express, Enterprise, and Server products include the ability to encode smart cards and facial images in 2D bar code.
I MUST ADMIT that, while I've noticed more 2D bar codes in advertisements, they have not inspired me to download a 2D bar code reader.
And now, with the advent of 2D bar code technology and mobile phone scanners, they are appearing in magazine ads, store front windows, bill boards, even product labels.
Bar code software, hardware and biometric verification devices supplier Datastrip is set to have its 2D bar code technology included in ID cards for protecting school children.
The device decodes high-density 2D Superscript and DATASTRIP 2D bar code symbologies with an available option to decode PDF-417.
Regardless of marketers' intentions, Laura Marriot, CEO of NeoMedia, a developer of 2D bar code solutions, says that the customer benefits most from using 2D bar codes.
Provident Group debuts the Webscan TruCheck USB 2D bar code verifier.
The CR1000 is a compact handheld or hands-free 2D bar code reader that expands Code's product line into new vertical markets.