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code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laser

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To be introduced as a part of excise department's Excise Supply Chain Information Management System ( ESCIMS), officials say they are ready to make the 2D Bar Code mandatory from later this month.
While there are numerous successful 2D bar code projects for paper- and label-based applications, directly marked 2D symbologies do have their challenges.
2D bar codes are capacious enough to store thousands of characters.
With the introduction of MS1690 Focus in 2005, Metrologic raised the bar on 2D bar code scanning performance.
It has extensive coverage of the new Microsoft Tags (Microsoft's proprietary 2D bar code technology that uses colored triangles) as well as JAGTAGs (a different approach that uses multimedia text messaging) and of course the standard QR codes.
The new hands-free DS9208 presentation imager is a sleek, compact and affordable bar code scanner offering excellent performance on 1D and 2D bar codes used in traditional and mobile bar code applications.
The Datastrip symbology holds twice the data of other 2D bar codes in one-third the footprint and cannot be altered without disabling the encoded information, ensuring that no one can successfully impersonate the legitimate cardholder.
The CR1000 features a patented dual-field optical platform and an intuitive LED targeting design, which allows users to read both wide linear and small 2D bar codes fast and accurately.
Provident Group debuts the Webscan TruCheck USB 2D bar code verifier.
patents and the inventor of the widely used 2D bar code PDF 417, Dr.
Provident Group will debut the Webscan TruCheck USB 2D bar code verifier.
He said that cell phones can be used to gather 2D bar code information by taking a picture.
This is the largest capacity of any 2D bar code symbology, holding twice the data in one-third the space with no sacrifice in error correction.
Mobile 1D bar code scanning has a market adoption potential that far exceeds that of mobile 2D bar code scanning, because 1D bar codes are already present on myriads of manufactured goods and printed content.
That, in turn, is creating a need for 2D bar code readers capable of rapid identity verification," said Charles Lynch Jr.