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code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laser

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QR codes have quickly ascended in mobile payments over the past year based in large part on Starbucks success with its mobile payments app that leverages the 2D bar code technology.
Every bottle of liquor transported legally to the city will have a unique identification number accessible through a 2D Bar Code. This will help check the inflow of spurious liquor in the city and also increase the government's revenue.
Once checked-in, customers receive an e-mail containing a digitally signed and encrypted 2D bar code that is compatible with current imager-based airport scanners and boarding gate readers.
The Downtown Alliance is the first business improvement group in New York City to use 2D bar code technology to reach holiday shoppers.
All popular linear and 2D bar code symbologies are supported.
This includes a 2D bar code, the flight number and seat, as well as the departure and arrival time.
Technologies incorporated in the TWIC include a dual interface integrated circuit chips that can be read by either inserting the card in a slot in a contact card reader or by holding it within 10cm of a contactless reader, a magnetic stripe, 2D bar code, linear barcode, unique card serial number and ICAO-compliant digital photo.
The device includes push-to-talk, integrated GPS and tracking capabilities, 1D and 2D bar code scanning, a high-resolution 2 megapixel autofocus color camera, 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN, Bluetooth and IrDA connectivity.
The form is filled out online and then printed, along with a 2D bar code. It is then submitted with payment, and the hard copy of the work to be copyrighted, through the mail.
One touch of their RF chip enabled mobile phone or credit/ ANA Mileage Club Card, or 2D bar code to a sensor at security prints a receipt with the customer's seat number.
of Length Adopted system operators of lines Expected volume (persons) (m.) (pcs./day & person) 1D bar code 11 17 8 (estimated) RFID (2D bar code) 11 17 19.7 Conveyor line RFID (2D bar code) 3 4 37.5 Cell production
of Length Expected operators of lines volume (pcs./day Adopted system (persons) (m.) & person) 1D bar code 11 17 8 (estimated) PFID (2D bar code) 11 17 19.7 Conveyor line PFID (2D bar code) 3 4 37.5 Cell production
Applications include high-resolution ID card readers, 2D bar code scanners and business card and photo scanners.
There are 2D bar code recommendations provided by the EIA (Electronics Industry Association), AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group), ATA /Air Transport Association), AAMVA (Association of American Motor Vehicle Administrators) and others."
New features in Version 4.0 editions of Asure ID Express, Enterprise, and Server products include the ability to encode smart cards and facial images in 2D bar code.