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uptime is 24 hours a day 7 days a week

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We are proud to say that we have risen to the challenge of providing Dubai Duty Free with a robust platform that provides 24x7 availability for their modern data centre.
Proficio's ProSOC service provides 24x7 security monitoring and alerting and advanced threat detection.
To meet these rising demands, Web Werks recently launched its tier 4 cloud enable data center with 24x7 rapid action supports."
In addition, NewSocial 24x7 solution enables marketers to gain a real-time conceptual understanding of customer commentary on social media channels, allowing campaigns to be adjusted quickly.
Sameh Al-Awadallah, Head of Branches at ADIB, said, "This 24X7 banking initiative is an innovation worthy of being listed in the milestones of banking in the UAE.
The system is continuously monitored by professionals at a central AMDS Services monitoring station to ensure optimal 24x7 network performance.
In this exacting 24x7 environment, system degradation and downtime could significantly impact cluster performance.
Companies are finally realizing the impressive capabilities of today's ATA and SATA drives and are incorporating them into increasingly challenging applications such as image and data acquisition systems, medical imaging, and 24X7 broadcast severs.
Over a year after introducing the first distributed solution for real-time, 24x7 monitoring of wireless LANs, AirDefense, Inc.
"The combination of SteelEye LifeKeeper and DB2 for Linux provides customers with high availability failover support for enterprise applications like mySAP Business Suite, delivering 24x7 mission-critical uptime while lowering the total cost of computing."
These companies have deployed EMC solutions to address growing requirements for 24x7, disaster-resilient operations, compliance with new government and industry-driven regulations, and cost-effective and reliable archiving solutions.
SoftTree Technologies, New York, has released a new version of the 24x7 Automation Suite - advanced scheduling and automation tools for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000.
To provide dependable and current information, database servers must run nearly 24x7, serving Web page content, and capturing, replicating and processing customer data.