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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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System Requirements: Windows 95/98, 350 MB hard disk space (1.6 GB for full install), 64+ MB RAM, 24X CD-ROM or faster if loading scenery from CD, P II/333 MHz or faster, video card (with 800X600 16-bit resolution), hardware accelerator, modem for multiplayer mode (2-8 players), flight controls with pedals (Recommended).
In one unique package, COMBO (SM-304) provides speeds such as 4X CD-Recording, 4X CD-Rewriting, 24X CD-ROM Reading, and 4X DVD-ROM reading.
Ricoh's combo drive has a 6X CD-Recording speed, 4X CD-Rewriting, 24X CD-ROM reading, and a 4X DVD-ROM reading speed.
Build-to-order options include various memory and RAM configurations, 24x CD-ROM drive and an optional DVD-ROM drive.
The iMac, which has a suggested retail of $1,299, features a 233MHz processor, a 15-inch monitor, a 4GB hard drive, a 24X CD-ROM drive and a 56k modem.
180MHz, 16MB RAM, 8MB Flash memory, a 24x CD-ROM drive and a