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Time-weighted averages (TWA) of the variables-of-interest were derived for each 24-hour interval of MV for all patients.
For procedures with a high bleeding risk, a 48-to 72-hour interval should elapse prior to resuming low-molecular-weight heparin; a 24-hour interval is reasonable for procedures at lower bleeding risk.
Active from December 7-16, the Geminids are currently the most active of the regular annual showers, with rates outstripping those of even the Perseids for a 24-hour interval centred on their 13-14 December maximum --a real treat for observers prepared to brave the winter cold.
Thus, the permeability of the rock samples does not recover completely within the 24-hour interval between adjacent cycles.
The drugs were also virtually identical in the number of unformed stools per 24-hour interval, which fell precipitously from 5.5 on day 1, to 1 by day 5, and in complete resolution of gastrointestinal symptoms, which were about 75% resolved in each group by day 5.
If a patient has multiple consecutive sexual episodes, he is to take one tablet per day until the last episode, then take the two postexposure tablets at 24-hour intervals.
At 24-hour intervals, 5 [micro]L aliquots were drawn from the mixture in the shaker and dispensed in each well in triplicate, followed 1 minute later by evaluation of drop spreading.
The evolution of smart grids is a priority in a number of countries, including EU and the US, and will eventually create a smart energy network that manages a huge amount of data in 24-hour intervals.
The COC extract [100 mg/(kg body weight)] was administered 12 hours after the surgical procedure and then at 24-hour intervals for 3 days.
Vero and C6/36 cells were incubated in the presence of different concentrations of CLQ (0; 0.05; 0.5; 5; 50 [micro]g/mL) at defined time intervals, in different experiments: (i) concomitantly, 1 h after infection; (ii) concomitantly, 1 h after infection, and at 24-hour intervals for 7 days; (iii) concomitantly, 1 hour after infection and at 12-hour intervals for 7 days.
This will be installed when the new BG01 standard is ratified by the CEA, SAFed and HSE and is expected to reduce Nuffield's regular plant room visits from 24-hour intervals to as little as every 72 hours.
The number of recalled vivid, troubling events of the trauma in 24-hour intervals was used for rating the reexperiencing of trauma.
After 24 hours, the VOC concentration in the chamber was measured at 24-hour intervals by collecting tube samples on the return air duct, and VOC concentration in the full-scale chamber reached approximately steady state after 72 hours from the start of the test.
Each volunteer was administered uncoated, scored, 150-mg CQ tablets (10 + 7.5 + 7.5 mg/kg at 24-hour intervals) (9).