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Time-weighted averages (TWA) of the variables-of-interest were derived for each 24-hour interval of MV for all patients.
Success criteria were based on pain evaluations at 24-hour intervals up to 72 hours after surgery, and AT-003 showed statistically significant higher success rates than placebo at each interval.
The evolution of smart grids is a priority in a number of countries, including EU and the US, and will eventually create a smart energy network that manages a huge amount of data in 24-hour intervals.
The COC extract [100 mg/(kg body weight)] was administered 12 hours after the surgical procedure and then at 24-hour intervals for 3 days.
The number of recalled vivid, troubling events of the trauma in 24-hour intervals was used for rating the reexperiencing of trauma.
After 24 hours, the VOC concentration in the chamber was measured at 24-hour intervals by collecting tube samples on the return air duct, and VOC concentration in the full-scale chamber reached approximately steady state after 72 hours from the start of the test.
When you measure your life in 24-hour intervals, a Monday night bout in South Carolina carries equal weight with the release of your major film debut.
1 mcg/hr and schedule increases in titration at 24-hour intervals (JAMA 2004;291:63-70).
Efficacy endpoints will be based on pain evaluation at 24-hour intervals up to 72 hours after surgery, as indicated by the Glasgow Composite Measuring Scale, a well validated and widely used scoring system.
Thereafter, give incremental increases of 5 [micro]g at 24-hour intervals.
In contrast, the psychiatry service used a structured delirium protocol calling for flexible doses of haloperidol (Haldol) and lorazepam adjusted at 24-hour intervals and delivered in a 2:1 ratio of haloperidol to lorazepam.
As part of a preliminary investigation of this new method, we reviewed all full-blood-count plots at 24-hour intervals.
The systems are focused into three main areas: Configuration Management, which involves setting and changing parameters; Fault Management, to monitor messages coming up from the network and coordinate an appropriate response; and Performance Monitoring, which includes collecting statistical data from the network at 15-minute and 24-hour intervals.