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the process of representing intermediate colors by patterns of tiny colored dots that simulate the desired color

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Both chips serially route 24-bit color video content over distances in excess of 10 meters and provide a wide pixel clock range from 5 MHz to 85 MHz.
The R805 offers Mac and PC versions, each of which features a 24-bit color scanner with resolutions from 100 to 400 dpi.
R, G and B represent the Red, Green and Blue components of the 24-bit color Image.
"The Color Match tool is a high-speed color-sortation tool that brings the power of 24-bit color resolution.
With enhanced fps throughput for crisp responsive video display, the switches offer resolutions up to 1600x1200 @ 60Hz; vibrant 24-bit color depth for rich remote session display.
The Color Match tool is a high speed color sortation tool that brings the power of 24-bit color resolution.
The ZScanner 700 CX is the world's first handheld laser scanner that can capture surface information in full 24-bit color, rendering the complete picture of an object, not just the geometry.
The new PRC101 Card Printing Solution offers brilliant 24-bit color, 256-grayscale, and edge-to-edge printing on CR80 cards.
Priced at $299.99, the RC800 features 24-bit color scanning in addition to black and white and standard color, at resolutions up to 400 dpi (dots per inch).
The Library of Congress scans cartographic materials at 300 dots per inch (dpi) with tonal resolution of 24-bit color and saves files in TIFF non-compressed file format.
Requirements: Windows 32-bit operating system (Windows 2000 or XP Professional recommended), Pentium 4 processor, 256 megabytes RAM (512 or more recommended), 1,024-by-768-pixel display with 24-bit color.
While broadening IDEAL's product scope from traditional 2-D scanning technology and applications into 3-D rapid prototyping technology, the printer provides high-fidelity, 24-bit color, supports 600 x 540 dpi print-head resolution, large build sizes of 254mmx356mmx203 mm (10"x13"x8"), impressive surface finish, small feature resolution, and low operating costs.