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Synonyms for 24

the cardinal number that is the sum of twenty-three and one

being four more than twenty

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24 ad had "standby" status, which means it was submitted to run whenever the paper had unsold advertising space available.
ITV is allowed to show up to 12 advertising minutes in every hour under current television rules, meaning they show about 24 ads around every episode of Britain's Got Talent.
The opportunity to put 24 ads into our paper per year instead of 12 allows us to have more flexibility in our price range, and it gives advertisers the opportunity to be picked up more often by our readers, many of whom read our paper cover-to-cover each and every month.
Advantage 24 ads reach some 70 million women via print and, starting in the fall cable television commercials will be reaching over 31 million women via Lifetime, E!, Comedy Central, VH-1 and other channels skewed toward females.