22-karat gold

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an alloy that contains 87 per cent gold

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The 9” handcrafted glass rose's leaves are accented by 22-karat gold for a regal appeal.
Of all the materials Bill Reid worked with to create his imaginary bestiary, red cedar and gold were his favorite and he particularly loved to work with 22-karat gold for its properties: color, malleability, softness, warmth and luster," said Dr.
To add her own stylish twist, she wore a dramatic Erickson Beamon waist long antique silver-plated multi-strand necklace with 22-karat gold chain and Swarovski crystal and pearl embellishments.
The 22-karat gold or white gold plated Iris is exuberant and is aimed at the woman who likes to dress in style or enjoys dressing up for a big occasion.
The coin is minted in four weights with 22-karat gold mined in the Americas.
SHOP Persimmon Intricately dyed silk scarves, 22-karat gold jewelry studded with gems, and lushly embroidered tunics, perfect for a premiere.
Darley Abbey's designer, Jane James, focused on the Regency era in England (about 1811-20) when creating the pattern, which combines a pale-green silk damasklike background with 22-karat gold accents.
Still selling strong today, AMCI became known for its hand-carved, hand-crafted 22-karat gold leaf frames.
Ornate gold necklaces, heavily engraved gold bangles and gold sovereigns -- eight grams of pure 22-karat gold -- dance across the television screen.
1) Pin/pendant of sterling silver, 22-karat gold, bone, abalone and aquamarine by Gail Goldin.
Summary: No making charges on dedicated 22-karat gold collection
9 per gram for 22-karat gold in September 2011, gold rates came down to OMR16.
Caption(s): Michael Wainwright hand-paints his ceramic dinnerware with platinum, right, and 22-karat gold, left.
Of the 1,500 moulding samples located on Allart's wall display, half are closed corner and 22-karat gold.
After we left the seductively lit Roman pool, scuffing our heels over the inlaid 22-karat gold in the deck tiles, the passengers on the bus were silent on the way down the hill.