22-karat gold

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an alloy that contains 87 per cent gold

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The new hand-decorated trophy weighs 16 kilograms and is made from Sterling silver and five microns of 22-karat gold plating.
The in-house automatic movement, made from 345 components, features an oscillating weight in 22-karat gold. From the back, new Hysek uses high-end finishing such as cerclage and hand-chamfering which are comparable to poincon de Geneve standards.
Today, Pivar crafts rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces in 22-karat gold, silver and precious and semiprecious stones.
"Since 22-karat gold is the common trade across the Asian community, customers are vulnerable to being cheated if the jewellery is not of the stated fineness.
The 9” handcrafted glass rose's leaves are accented by 22-karat gold for a regal appeal.
"Of all the materials Bill Reid worked with to create his imaginary bestiary, red cedar and gold were his favorite and he particularly loved to work with 22-karat gold for its properties: color, malleability, softness, warmth and luster," said Dr.
To add her own stylish twist, she wore a dramatic Erickson Beamon waist long antique silver-plated multi-strand necklace with 22-karat gold chain and Swarovski crystal and pearl embellishments.
The 22-karat gold or white gold plated Iris is exuberant and is aimed at the woman who likes to dress in style or enjoys dressing up for a big occasion.
The coin is minted in four weights with 22-karat gold mined in the Americas.
SHOP Persimmon Intricately dyed silk scarves, 22-karat gold jewelry studded with gems, and lushly embroidered tunics, perfect for a premiere.
Darley Abbey's designer, Jane James, focused on the Regency era in England (about 1811-20) when creating the pattern, which combines a pale-green silk damasklike background with 22-karat gold accents.
Still selling strong today, AMCI became known for its hand-carved, hand-crafted 22-karat gold leaf frames.
Ornate gold necklaces, heavily engraved gold bangles and gold sovereigns -- eight grams of pure 22-karat gold -- dance across the television screen.
The per tola price of 22-karat gold also decreased by Rs 300 and traded at Rs 69,500 and that of 10 grams gold at Rs 59,585.
At the time of report, 22-karat gold stood at Dh147.25, while 21K and 18K traded at Dh140.50 and Dh120.50, respectively, according to suggested rates posted by Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group.