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the act of changing the direction in which something is oriented

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Much has changed since the 2006 Lebanon War when the group inflicted heavy losses on Israeli forces and declared "divine victory" as the first Arab army not to be fully defeated in a war with Israel.
"Israel's withdrawal offered Mughniyeh a unique opportunity to establish military fortifications in southern Lebanon, which would later be used in the 2006 Lebanon War. Shortly after the IDF's departure in May 2000, Mughniyeh coordinated the kidnapping of three IDF soldiers on October 7.
The Indian Navy has experience of carrying out evacuations in the Gulf and it had won accolades for Operation Sukoon, conducted evacuate Indian, Sri Lankan and Nepalese nationals from the conflict zone during the 2006 Lebanon War.
Grossman's son tragically died in the 2006 Lebanon War while he was writing this novel, which, ironically, deals with an Israeli woman's fear of death.
The 2006 Lebanon war was a 34-day military conflict between the Lebanese Hezbollah militant group and the Israeli military.
She first saw service in the Falklands conflict in 1982 and rescued British citizens trapped by the 2006 Lebanon War.
As an American-born Jewish lecturer in a predominately Arab (Palestinian) college in Israel, the author came to reflect more and more on the tensions between Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel in the wake of the 2006 Lebanon war. Here, she explores those tensions of identity, culture, and political allegiance through an autobiographical exploration of her time at the college and her interactions with her Palestinian colleagues and students.
Born in Lebanon, a country that had been a melting pot of Western and Middle Eastern sensibilities, he came to Qatar after the 2006 Lebanon war began and has been here since.
The country has also helped prepare citizens by organizing nationwide civil defense drills every spring or early summer since the 2006 Lebanon war, when Hezbollah sent a flood of rockets over Israel's northern border.
However, earlier on Sunday, former Supreme Court Judge Eliyahu Winograd, who headed a 2007 committee to investigate Israel's shortcomings in the 2006 Lebanon war, warned that an Israeli strike on Iran "may endanger the future of the economy."
That summer, Barak and the Cabinet knew that within three or four months the findings of an inquiry commission investigating the 2006 Lebanon war would be released.
I remember the 2006 Lebanon War, when families approached our office crying, wanting us to bring back their stranded son, daughter, wife, husband, mother or father.
Grapel emigrated to Israel in 2005 from New York and served in its military in the 2006 Lebanon war.
Israel denied that Grapel, who emigrated from New York in 2005 and was wounded as an Israeli paratrooper in the 2006 Lebanon war, was a spy.
The United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) is tasked with assisting the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) in asserting the Lebanese government's sovereignty in the south after the 2006 Lebanon War. Hizbullah has been opposed to both.