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being ten more than one hundred ninety

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Shan Han Lun is a classic Chinese text that was written during the Han Dynasty in about 200 AD.
The items in the collection u consisting of 14 pieces made of iron, gold and copper alloy u date back to between 150 BC and 200 AD.
Thanks to some Chinese immigrants who settled in Korea in about 200 AD, the art was introduced to the world outside China.
According to some sources, Emperor Septimius Severus closed Alexander's tomb about 200 AD, and little is known of the body's whereabouts after that.
The site in Ucupe - about 416 miles from Lima - may be related to other important Moche ruins in the area, including the famed Lords of Sipan tomb dating to 200 AD that was excavated in the late 1980s, dig co-director Bruno Alva said.
The author focuses just on the first Greek world philosophers, from Thales to Plotinus, 600 BC to 200 AD.
He begins with the pseudonymous Longinus's 200 AD treatise on rhetorical uplift, turns back to Plato and Aristotle, then forward to Aquinas, Descartes, Kant, and Hegel, finishing with Nietzsche and Heidegger.
And very well it works too, with various tables offering information of interest to the idle tourist, wandering around Rome in 200 AD (the main aqueducts; the most common types of gladiator), highlighting the local recipes ("If you have no dormouse, gerbil or hamster will do"), and drawing the out of towner's attention to the entertainments on offer, from the Circus Maximus (occasionally used for the execution of Christians) to the local brothels (most of which open at 2.
Archaeological excavations have indicated that Mitla was inhabited from as early as 900 BC; however, the structural remains visible today are thought to date from between 200 AD and 900 AD.