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Silymarin was also given to the diet of the albino mice along with the induction of 20% ethanol to test if Silymarin could also protect the kidney from damage aside from the liver when ethanol is induced.
The RTV of the 20% ethanol group was similar to that of the normal saline group (P = 0.21), whereas the RTVs of the 40%, 60%, 80%, and 95% ethanol groups were less than that of the normal saline group (P <0.01); and the RTVs of the 80% and 95% ethanol groups were less than that of the 60% ethanol group (P = 0.003 and P = 0.009, resp.).
cerevisiae YPH250 (by 35%, 57%, 23%, and 32% in response to 15% or 20% ethanol and 200 mM acetate or 100 mM propionate, resp.).
Therefore, based on the presented results, it becomes possible to conclude that 20% ethanol in drinking water, administered to the lactating rat, evokes the following effects in the suckling:
[CC.sub.50] was determined at 128.8 [micro]g/ml (Garden 60% ethanol extract) and up to 733.8 [micro]g/ml (Garden 20% ethanol extract).
For the United States to move to E20 (20% ethanol, 80% gasoline), it may be that few (if any) modifications would need to be made to existing vehicles and infrastructure.
to obtain a fermentation broth having 5 to 20% ethanol. (US 7,205,138)
(evidence level--NHMRC V, animal study) who found that pups suckled by alcohol lactating dams (5%, 10% and 20% ethanol) had significantly lower body weights compared with controls.
The path to this goal starts today: The nation should start moving, as rapidly as ethanol supplies become available, to the widespread use of E20: a mixture of 20% ethanol and 80% gasoline.
All were made at a concentration ration of I kilogram of root to 5 liters of extract (1:5 tincture), and were extracted with supercritical [CO.sub.2], 60% ethanol and 20% ethanol respectively.
Control group: water and rat chow; 10% ethanol group: rat chow and a liquid diet containing a 10% ethanol solution; and 20% ethanol group: rat chow and a liquid diet containing a 20% ethanol solution.