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At 20% ethanol concentrations ignition delay time of FACE J increased by 68 %, followed by 87% increase for FACE I, 116 % for PRF 70.
Therefore, based on the presented results, it becomes possible to conclude that 20% ethanol in drinking water, administered to the lactating rat, evokes the following effects in the suckling:
to obtain a fermentation broth having 5 to 20% ethanol.
1999) (36) * Alcohol treated, 20% ethanol diluted in study drinking water and food ad lib--decreased (rat) milk yield lower than pair fed.
The path to this goal starts today: The nation should start moving, as rapidly as ethanol supplies become available, to the widespread use of E20: a mixture of 20% ethanol and 80% gasoline.
5%, 10% and 20% ethanol (by volume) blended in gasoline is denoted as E5, E10 and E20 respectively.