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Synonyms for Pliocene

from 13 million to 2 million years ago

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From high-resolution images taken by MOC and the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) aboard the European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter, HRSC principal investigator Gerhard Neukum (Free University Berlin, Germany) and his colleagues conclude in the December 23/30, 2004, Nature that Olympus Mons was disgorging lava only 2.
They discovered that the Amazon River, and its transcontinental drainage, is around 11 million years old and took its present shape about 2.
Others regard the Malapa fossils either as an early Homo species or as late-surviving members of Australopithecus africanus, a dead-end hominid species that lived from about 3 million to 2.
Analyses of soil from central Missouri have pinpointed just when North America's most recent spate of ice ages began: 2.
Mouthing off A gene mutation unique to people decreased jaw size beginning around 2.