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a college that offers only the first two years terminating in an associate degree

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Regarding the effect of having a high school transition plan specifying postsecondary accommodations and supports versus not having those types of supports specified, before propensity score weighting, the SMDs for three covariates in the 2-year college sample model were above the WWC cutoff, as were three SMDs in the 4-year college sample model and three SMDs in the CTE school sample (Table 2).
Taken together, this means that counseling professionals use a wide spectrum of skills and tools as they implement 2-year college missions and seek community college student outcomes.
Second, it reflects the disproportionate blow to the labor market outcomes of borrowers from less-selective institutions, for-profit schools, and 2-year colleges.
A single exception existed on the Learning Activities subscale, detecting a statistically significant relationship for providers holding a 2-year college degree.
Students may choose to take the Principles of Economics course sequence at a 2-year college for financial reasons or they may behave strategically, believing their chances of passing or receiving a higher grade at community colleges are greater.
The two significant variables associated with enrolling in a 2-year college were living at home and easy admissions as important factors in college choice.
As recently as 2003, only 9 percent of police departments nationally required a 2-year college degree and 1 percent a 4-year degree.
Gaps were even larger between students who started out in a 2-year college with the intention of transferring to a 4-year college later.
Mother's educational level was made up of five categories (did not finish high school, graduated from high school, did not complete 2-year/4-year college, graduated from 2-year college, completed bachelor/graduate degrees).
More than half the participants (58%) were women, 88% were white, 52% had at least a 2-year college degree, and 55% were married.
Among public 2-year college faculty, who represented in fall 1998 18% of all full-time and 44% of all part-time faculty (National Center for Education Statistics [NCES], 2001, p.
In the budget revisions, he did not anticipate to backfill what was then a small shortfall of property tax revenue,'' said Michalowski, whose office oversees the state's 2-year college system.
Plans After High School Response FFA (1) Alger (2) 4-year College 62% 58% 2-Year College 14% 16% Tech School 10% 10% Get a Job 9% 29% Armed Forces 5% 8% Other 1% 32%
Of the assistance received from DBS, the most frequently reported types of assistance received were diagnosis and evaluation (28% for 2-year college and 22.