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a space in which Euclid's axioms and definitions apply

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T], and K is a vector whose 2-Norm is less than [[tau].
The intimate relationship between matrix 2 norm and singular value is that matrix 2-norm is equivalent to the largest matrix singular value.
Throughout the paper, a vector norm is always the 2-norm.
In Equation (3) the operator [parallel][parallel] indicates the 2-norm of the matrix, and inv is the inverse matrix operator.
is called an 2-norm on X and the pair (X, [parallel].
03 second, the designed nozzle pressure virtual sensor achieved, on average, a normalized 2-norm of the estimation error at 6.
Since the 2-norm was used in the cosine function, that distance formula is as follows:
However, if a matrix is ill-conditioned using the 2-norm, it will be ill-conditioned using any other matrix norm.
Now we briefly recall the basic model of 2-norm soft margin [S.
Expressing the generalized gain of the system transfer function matrix G(s) as the 2-norm ratio of the input and output vectors, then the maximum and minimum singular values of G(j[omega]) will constitute upper and lower bounds on this gain.
We report the 2-norm of the true residual computed by b - [Ax.
6), we could use an identical argument to obtain a bound in the 2-norm, but for the quantity in (3.
The 2-norm and Frobenius norm of a matrix A are denoted by [[parallel]A[parallel].