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a space in which Euclid's axioms and definitions apply

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Throughout the paper, a vector norm is always the 2-norm.
is called an 2-norm on X and the pair (X, [parallel].
03 second, the designed nozzle pressure virtual sensor achieved, on average, a normalized 2-norm of the estimation error at 6.
6), we could use an identical argument to obtain a bound in the 2-norm, but for the quantity in (3.
2] stand for the Frobenius norm and the 2-norm, respectively.
Then the following holds for the 2-norm [parallel] x [parallel]:
The spectral 2-norm of a matrix A is denoted by [[parallel]A[parallel].
The error is then calculated as the 2-norm of the difference between the approximation and the exact solution, divided by the 2-norm of the solution.
2) is useful when we consider the nonsymmetric case, we note here that one can write the above bounds as a bound on the 2-norm condition number of K preconditioned centrally by the norm
For convenience, we define the 2-norm of a function u(x, t) to be the vector 2-norm of the restriction of u(x, t) to the spatial grid:
To apply the lemma, one has to construct a W satisfying these conditions, and to bound its 2-norm.
In this paper [parallel]x[parallel] will always denote the 2-norm for vectors and the associated spectral norm for matrices: [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Computing strong RRCh decomposition using max norm and 2-norm estimators: Algorithm 5.
Then the 2-norm of the residual may be bounded by the following standard estimate