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lacking the expected range or depth

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The 2-dimensional physical domain ([OMEGA]) is composed of a number of triangular elements.
Therefore, we have obtained the general form of the 2-dimensional integrable Hamiltonian in terms of master function which can be separated in radial coordinates.
Postoperatively, 2-dimensional echocardiogram was repeated, showing absence of the previously present mass, a competent, nonregurgitant tricuspid valve with some thickening of the anterior leaflet, and normalization of right ventricular pressure.
Secondly, we assemble a number of processing units into a high-performance computing system which is a 2-dimensional grid.
Thirdly, the proposed method projects objects after registration to 2-dimensional plane.
These 2-dimensional quantum particles were theorized and mathematically predicted to exist but have not been synthesized till now.
Orthogonal Time Frequency and Space (OTFS(TM)) is a new wireless modulation technology developed by Cohere Technologies that implements a 2-dimensional representation of the wireless channel, making all wireless transmission under any conditions resilient to channel dynamics.
Now the Greek mathematicians were great geometers, and so they sought a practical 2-dimensional geometrical solution involving only a straight edge and compass.
Reasons for this may include nonexperts performing injections and a shift toward 3-dimensional facial volume restoration rather than 2-dimensional treatment of discrete wrinkles.
determine the projector [D.sub.0] on the unit vector of the 0-sequence and the projector [D.sub.!] on a 2-dimensional subspace of three-dimensional vectors orthogonal to 0-unit:
Here we consider the viscous rotational compressible magnetohydrodynamic flows in the 2-dimensional whole space [OMEGA] := R :
An Introduction to Non-Abelian Class Field Theory: Automorphic Forms of Weight 1 and 2-Dimensional Galois Representations
(7) Synthesized mammography, "C-view," is a 2-dimensional reconstruction from the DBT data set and was recently approved by the FDA.
Moreover modelling techniques is further classified into visual/graphics processing unit and medical imaging, and visual techniques are segmented into 2-dimensional technology, 3-dimensional technology and stereo technology.
He done his research in the area of 2-dimensional nanosheets (graphene and boron nitride)-polymer composites.