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a sugar that is a constituent of nucleic acids

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The extent of oxidation of 2-deoxyribose was estimated from the absorbance of the solution at 532 nm.
4] generated OH radicals quenched by RH-3 were estimated using 2-deoxyribose as the marker substrate (Gutteridge 1981).
Fenton reaction mediated OH radical generation: The effect of varied concentrations of RH-3 on scavenging of Fenton reaction mediated OH radical as determined by inhibition of 2-deoxyribose degradation has been depicted in Figure 5.
Fixed radiation induced OH radical generation and scavenging by varied herbal concentrations: The effect of different concentrations of RH-3 on inhibition of 2-deoxyribose degradation by a radiation dose (200 Gy) has been depicted in Figure 6.