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colorless soluble flammable liquid ketone used as a solvent for resins and as a paint remover and in lacquers and cements and adhesives and cleaning fluids and celluloid

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[USPRwire, Fri Aug 30 2019] Introduction 2-Butanone is an organic compound from a family of ketones that are found in trace amounts in nature.
[ClickPress, Fri Aug 30 2019] Introduction 2-Butanone is an organic compound from a family of ketones that are found in trace amounts in nature.
External standards of the major flavour components expected to be present in cow milk yoghurt (acetaldehyde, diacetyl, acetone, acetoine and 2-butanone) and vegetable milk yoghurt (Hexylaldehyde/Hexanal) will be obtained for quantification of constituents in further studies.
While, the abundant compounds of the ZZB08 were 2-butanone, 3-hydroxy- (36.82%), acetone (9.12%), 2-thiophenecarboxylic acid, undec-10-enyl ester (8.39%) and linalool (5.28%).
[6] reported that CaO reduced heavy products such as phenol and increased formation of hydrocarbons and light product such as acetaldehyde, 2-butanone, and methanol.
Sodium bisulphate, hydrogen cyanide, acetone, 2-butanone, acetophenone, and cyclohexanone add across the 3,4-double bond of quinazoline.
In earlier unpublished work, sodium lactate was found to contain ketones (acetone on the order of 2.6 mg/L, 2-butanone [methyl ethyl ketone, MEK]) on the order of 0.0380 mg/L, and 2-hexanone (methyl butyl ketone [MBK] on the order of 0.0073 mg/L) based on laboratory analyses and confirmed by vendors.
These contaminants include: acetone, carbon disulfide, ethylbenzene, toluene, total xylenes, methylcyclohexane, and 2-butanone (MEK).
The resin and curing agent were supplied by Resolution Performance Products of Houston, TX 25% of solvent by volume, 2-butanone (99%), was added.
Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), also known as 2-butanone, is an organic solvent.
The hazardous substances covered in this volume are ammonia; 2-butanone oxime; 2-butenal, dicyclopentadiene; 2,4- dinitrotoluene, 2,6-dinitrotoluene, and 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene; hydrogen fluoride and fluorides; halogenetic anesthetic gases; sulfuric acid; oleum; thiourea; trichloroethene and tetrachloroethene; tryglycidyl isocyanurate; and zirconium.
Product Ingredients disclosed Actual composition synthetic Hydroxytoluene: 1-5% Hydroxytoluene: 4.5% lubricant Sodium alkyl benzene Sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate: 5-15 % sulfonate: 12.7% Dimethylaminoethanol: 2.3% 2-(2-butoxyethoxy)- ethanol: 2.4% liquid Not applicable 2-butoxyethanol: 8.3% detergent (No hazardous Alkali: 0.03N ingredients reported) epoxy 2-propanol: 15-40% 2-propanol: not detected reducer Benzene, dimethyl: Benzene, dimethyl: 40-70% not detected 2-pentanone, 4-methyl: 2-pentanone, 4-methyl: 15-40% not detected I-butanol: 18% Toluene: 20% 2-butanone: 55%